Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.  We offer a great range of cotton hippy clothing as well as clothes made from many other materials. Take a look through our shop where materials are clearly labelled in the description.
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We sell many different styles of male and female hippy festival clothing. The are various materials used to make our wonderful hippy clothing but the most popular at the moment is cotton.

Fair Trade Cotton Hippy Clothing

Cotton Hippy ClothingCotton is probably the most used material for making not just hippy clothes but most clothes.  The reason for this is simple, its durable, it looks great and, it feels great too.  We sell many cotton hippy style items from our website as we  love then as do our customers. We use several different types of cotton for our cotton festival clothing. Some of the clothing is made from a soft feel stretchy cotton material which gives you a nice amount of movement and others are make using a nice heavy  thick weave cotton which is lovely and warm. The tick weave cotton is most widely used for our ponchos, thick weave pixie hooded jackets and our amazing selling Jedi Jackets.Cotton Hippy Clothing
Please look at the items description so that you can see what type of materials have been used for each product.

We always look to find more new and interesting hippy boho clothing ranges for our customers by talking to our suppliers both in India and Nepal.  If you think that there is something you would like to see in our hippy store then please send us an email.  Just go to our contact page at the bottom of your screen and tell us what you are thinking about.

If you would like to see our whole hippy clothing product range which also includes woollen jumpers and jackets, silk skirts, woollen socks, overbust corsets and much more then just Click Here