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Gringo Fair Trade ProductsMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing are very happy to bring to you our collection of Gringo Fair Trade Products.

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Gringo Fair Trade was started in the mid 80s by couple Dave and Deb.  While travelling the world in the mid 80s they came across some handmade jewellery in Gringo Fair Trade Productsa Mexican Village that was made by the families who lived there.  After buying some of this jewellery and whole selling it in Australia Gringo was born and  from there started to expand and started to grow.

The Gringo Brand

As the business started to grow, Dave and Deb set up a small workshop in their home in Australia where they designed and made all of the clothing themselves.  As the business grew and the demand for their fantastic clothing range became too much for them to handle on their own, they sought out some of their friends on the beautiful island of Bali.  With their Balinese friends helping them out they were able to produce a larger quantity of their great looking clothing and bag ranges, satisfying the ever growing need for their Fair Trade Festival Clothing .

Gringo-Patchwork-Hooded-Hippy-SihirtsIn the early 90’s  Gringo moved to Swansea in the UK.  It is from this seaside city that Gringo import their range of quality handmade Fair Trade clothing and accessories from India, Bali and Nepal.

Early on Dave and Deb realised that the people behind the production of the clothing should be paid a fair price for the products to help the sustainability of the producers businesses. They realised that this was important if they wanted to be fair and to ensure good working relationships.

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