Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Handmade Hippy Clothing.  Just for you guys, we stock a wide range of alternative handmade clothing. Handmade ensures that each item is a one off piece which we think is important when it comes to your own individual style of hippie clothing.


Handmade Hippy Clothing

Handmade Hippy ClothingAt Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we sell a wide variety of handmade hippy clothing that has been inspired by the hippies of the past. Using modern fabrics and modern styles its still possible to keep that hippie look.  All of our clothing (except the over the knee socks)  have been handmade in their country of origin, this creates a unique piece of clothing that stand the test of time.  We have a wide variety of Nepalese, Indian, Thai and Indonesian handmade and hand dyed hippie clothing.

Our current range of Fair Trade handmade hippy clothing includes a wide range of Bares branded hippy style clothing as well as Gringo Fair Trade clothing.  Both of these brands work very hard with the different countries to produce great looking handmade hippie clothing.

Due to the handmade nature of our clothing it means that many of the colour patterns you find in our patchwork clothing and knitted wool clothing  can not be Handmade Hippy Clothingduplicated exactly. This gives you a more unique piece of clothing.  Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will never find someone wearing the same piece of clothing as you because quite simply, life has too many strange and unanswered questions and the rule applies that, if the clothing can be made once then it can always be made again somewhere in the universe, so I’ve been told.  Who knows….

Anyway, we are sure that our alternative handmade hippie clothing range will really open your eyes to a new world of interesting and individual clothing.  Because all  of our  festival clothing is handmade, our sizes vary from style to style so please view the detailed garment measurements for each item of clothing.  We understand that a size 14 from one shop will not be the same from another which is why we provide this information.