Here at Mystical Mayhem, we have found that our handmade Nepalese clothing range is very popular which is why we now stock a wide range of alternative Fair Trade handmade Nepalese clothing for you.


Handmade Nepalese Clothing

Handmade Nepalese ClothingMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing sell some great Fair Trade Handmade Nepalese clothing.  The majority of our  wonderful boho festival clothing range is handmade in Nepal. Our producers in Nepal know how much our customers love the clothing that they make which they are pleased with as they take such pride and great care in making our clothing.  Happy customers = Happy Mystical Mayhem = Happy Producers. Everyone is happy, happy, happy 🙂

From our handmade Nepalese clothing range, some of our bestsellers are our handmade wool jackets. These woollen jackets come in so many different colours and styles, so much so that it can be quite hard to decide sometimes. Bet hey, better to have too much choice than to little right?! Some of these woollen jackets even come with pixie hoods that look just fantastic and are a favourite amongst the ladies and the gents..  As well as stocking a large range of  Nepalese wool jackets we also stock many Handmade Nepalese Clothingdifferent varieties of  cotton jackets and tops.

Again, we stock some great pixie hooded cotton jackets from the German Bares (Baeres) brand and from the Gringo Fair Trade brand.  Male and females alike will find clothing to suit them.   We are very proud of our Fair Trade handmade Nepalese hippy clothing and  will continue to grow the different styles we stock.   We are always talking with our suppliers to see what new designs that they have and also to give them our design ideas. We have flexibility on some items before they are made. For example – we will be shown a sample for a jackets and if want we can request things along the lines of different colours and even request a pixie hood instead of a traditional hood.

Watch this space for new and interesting pieces of hippie clothing.