Welcome to our wonderful range of hippy boho clothing. This fabulous and extensive range is ever growing as and when we have new ideas.  We liaise with our producers on a regular basis to ensure that we are bringing you new styles as often as we can.


Hippy Boho Clothing

Hippy Boho ClothingThe hippy style is called so many things  – hippy (of course being the main), boho, bohemian, beatnik and flower power which are just to name a few. Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing sell a large variety of hippy boho handmade clothing to suit all of the above even though they are all the same. Not all hippy’s like to be called a hippy and prefer a different term. What you call yourself matters not just as long as you are happy and comfortable and true to yourself! Wear whatever festival clothing makes you happy.

 Our great looking hippy style boho clothing range come from countries such as India, Nepal and Bali and Thailand.  We work very closely with well known hippy clothing producers like ‘Bares’ of Germany which now includes their new British based brand ‘Funky Threads’.  We also work with ‘Gringo Fair Trade’.  These well established hippy boho clothing companies produce and import some of the best looking hippy clothing on the UK clothing market.Hippy Boho Clothing

 We work very hard to make sure our customers have the choice they want when shopping for hippy boho clothing.  Our female clothing range has become very large with our male clothing range growing as we hunt down and help think of new clothing.  It is so much easier to find hippy boho clothing for the ladies which is why you will find more of if on our online store. We are trying to increase our range for men so gents, if there are any festival clothing styles that you would like to see in our store then please let us know and we will see what we can do.

Please take a look around our hippy clothing site and see what you think.