Wool and Cotton Jackets

Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.  We stock a wide variety of alternative and hippy wool and cotton jackets. Brands or which include the like pf Gringo fair Trade and Bares.
This page is just a little overview of some of the wool and cotton jackets we sell but to get a better look at all our products just click on any of the pictures below.

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Wool and cotton jacketsMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing have a great range of hippy style fleece lined  and cotton lined jackets. Not all of our jackets are lined but they don’t all need to be!  We are proud to offer some great woollen jackets that are handmade in Nepal that carry the Bares brand.


These hippy wool jackets with fleece lining make for a great winter jacket.  These Nepalese hippy jackets are well made and  have the extra added warmth of the fleece lining keep you warm all through the winter months. Nothing better than being outside in the cold and being lovely and warm in some awesome festival clothing.

As all of our wool jackets are handmade you know that no two are ever going to be exactly the same as each other making them unique pieces of clothing.   So, if you are looking for a nice warm hippy jacket this winter then look no further the Mystical Mayhem. Of course, if wool is not for you, we also offer a range of cotton lined hippy jackets as well as our range of non lined jackets.  Again, the Bares branded cotton lined jackets are great for winter keeping you warm through the chillier times.Wool and Cotton Jackets

Don’t forget that all of our wool and cotton jackets can be worn during those cold nights around the fire and even during the summer festival season as well.


Gringo hooded jackets also are a great find, the unique painted patchwork lined hooded jackets look great and as each one is handmade and hand painted no two are ever the same.  They look great and you’d never have to worry about some one turning up wearing the same as you.  Happy days.

Mystical Mayhem hippy clothing love pixie hooded jackets and tops and try our hardest to find as many top quality pixie hooded clothes as we can.  We have a nice range of wool and cotton pixie jackets and tops.

Some have fleece lining were others have no lining. We have managed to get hold of some great tops that have lots of embroidery work on them, making each one completely unique. We make sure we photo all our unique stock so you can choose exactly what you want. Anyway we are sure the pixie in you will find what you want and if not then just ask.