Cotton Jackets

The idea of this little page is just to give you a  overview of some of the cotton jackets that we stock and so without further ado – welcome to the land of hippyness or, as we like to call ourselves, Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing

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Cotton Jackets

We have searched far and wide to bring you the best ranges cotton jackets around and are sure that we will have something to please everyone. We have so many unique festival clothing items for you to choose from so come on and take a little look see.

Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we sell a wide variety of Fair Trade cotton hooded fleece lined jackets as well as non lined cotton hippy style jackets. We sell cotton jackets for both male and females alike so what ever your sex we are sure we will have something for you no matter your tastes.  To be honest many of the men’s jackets can be worn by women and I know many gents that wear some of the ladies jackets. As long as you are comfortable and happy then who cares what gender they are….


Our  ranges includes the Bares brand as well as the Gringo Fair Trade brand.  Some of our jackets come unbranded from Indian markets or are bought as a one off from sellers in Nepal and India. Cotton Jackets Just because some of the jackets are unbranded does not mean that they aren’t as good because they are. Every item of hippy clothing that we sell is of the highest quality so worry not, all is good.

As well as fleece lined cotton jackets we also sell jackets that have a cotton lining for situations were fleece lining is just too warm. We have thin cotton jackets alongside nice heavy thick weave cotton jackets. We have jackets to suit all seasons and occasions. Our range of non lined cotton hippie style jackets include our best selling pixie hooded jackets by Bares of Germany, with their long pixie hood and soft jersey feel cotton they look and feel great.

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