Welcome to our Male Hippy Clothing Range This page is a quick look at our Fair Trade male hippy clothing ranges.

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Male Hippy Clothing

Male Hippy ClothingWe know how hard it can be for men to find decent and affordable male hippy clothing. The majority of the hippy and festival clothing is geared at women who have so much more variety to choose from. This is why we are always pushing for more male hippy styled clothing ranges as I wear this clothing myself and in the past have had some troubles tracking down nice hippy clothing.


What are we doing?

We are always talking to our suppliers and creating new male hippy clothing. It is a harder line of clothing to track down as not as many designs are created. What most clothing companies do is stick to what sells and the horrid truth is that women tend to buy more than the men. This ends up stagnating the male side of things as not as many product ideas end up making it into production.

We work very closely with all our suppliers and try and push forward ideas wherever possible for things that we would like to see. This in the long run means we do end up finding and coming up with new designs that the gents love. We act as a voice for male hippy fashion and make sure that new styles and designs get produced.

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing sell a wide selection of both male and female hippie clothing. Our male hippy clothing mainly comes from Nepal were our items are handmade although we do also have male hippy clothing from India, Thailand and Bali.  As this style of clothing is can be hard to find for the men we are always keeping our eyes peeled . Please always get in contact if you have new and interesting ideas, we always welcome customer feed back that will help our male customers get the clothing they desire.      Male Hippy Clothing