Greetings and welcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.  Just for you guys, we stock a wide variety of Nepalese clothing as we know how much you like it. With good reason too as the Nepalese make great quality excellent festival clothing.


Nepalese Clothing Origins

Nepalese ClothingThe majority of our hippy clothing & festival clothing ranges originate from Nepal.  We do of course source fair trade clothing from other countries however, we realised a long time ago that the greatness of Nepalese clothing is next to none.  The quality is high and the styles and colours that the Nepalese people are able to work with and create is endless. Here we are so very lucky to have found the producers that we have as they really are just great.

Due to its high altitude and cold winter climate, the Nepalese woollen knitwear that comes out of the country is fantastic. This is the reason that we stock a large and ever growing variety of handmade Nepalese fleece lined wool jackets as well as Nepalese handmade wool fleece lined socks.


Wonderful CreationsNepalese Clothing

A lot of time and effort goes into creating these wonderful pieces of hippie clothing.  Anybody that has tried their hand at knitting knows that it takes time and skill to produce something that not only looks good but serves the purpose for which it was made.  Such great care has gone into making our Nepalese clothing ranges and it really does show. Once you own some clothing produced in Nepal you will not want anything else!

We currently stock pixie hooded wool fleece lined jackets, Nepalese style pixie hooded wool jackets, male wool fleece lined jackets, long and short wool fleece lined socks, snowflake design wool fleece lined jackets, cotton grandad shirts, hooded grandad shirts, cotton fleece lined jackets and many other Nepalese products.  This is just a small list for you. Full clothing ranges can be found on our website. If you want to know where each piece of clothing has been made then you will be able to find the info in 1 of 2 places. The title often displays the country of origin or, you can check the product page where you will find all information for the product including sizing etc.

Our Nepalese handmade clothing range is a must see.  You have to take your hats of to the Nepalese people because when it comes to great looking warm clothing they really know what they are doing.  Jump to our product page and have a look through our festival clothing range and see for yourself what the Nepalese have to offer.