Hippy Clothing on The Beach

Hippy clothing can be worn all year round, everywhere and for all occasion. As winter is in full swing and spring is moving ever closer, now is the time that we think about getting away to sunnier climes. This is gives us the perfect opportunity to start digging out our summer clothes and taking a look at the kind of things we want to take away with us. Hippy Clothing on the beach is an absolute must if you want to stay bright, colourful and comfortable when on your holibobs.

Hippy Clothing on the Beach

Here at Mystical Mayhem hippy clothing, we have a fabulous range for you that you can take with you wherever you go! Let’s take a wee look see shall we?!……
Much of our clothing is suitable for all sexes and so you wear what ever makes you feel most like you!

Beach Wear For WomenHippy Clothing on the Beach - Tie Dye Dresses

Dresses – every woman need to have at least one dress in her arsenal of holiday clothing. At least one! They are so versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down as you choose. We have dresses suited more to the beach and some suited more for well not the beach.. We have some wonderful lightweight short dashiki style dresses that you can pop on over your bikini whilst you chill and catch some rays on the sand. Then we have some beautiful longer dresses that you can happily wear out to a nice dinner whilst still remaining true to your hippie style. Kaftans are great for both – keep loose on the beach and then add a little tie to the waist to dress them up in the evenings.

Cooling Tops

Short Hippy Skirts

When it comes to days in the sun, let’s face it, it gets a tad warm and clammy.. This is why when it comes to your top half you need wear light materials and loose fits. Rayon, thin cotton and materials like silk are great options for vests and blouses. Spaghetti straps, crop tops and open back tops are all options that we have here for you. There is nothing worse that feeling uncomfortably warm and your clothes sticking to you.

Shorts and Skirts

We have some fabulous elephant print shorts that are super popular in the summer months as they are so light and cooling. Once you have a pair on you wont want to take them off.
Silk skirts are just fantastic for keeping your legs cool in the heat as is rayon. We have wrap skirts and skirts with elasticated waists amongst a variety of other styles. Plain or tie dye, you choose they style that suits you best.

Gents Beach Wear

Dashiki Shirt

Wearing hippy clothing on the beach is a great way to express yourself in style. I find that gents tend to look rather bland at the beach as your standard is board shorts in either plain neutral colours or ones that have leaves or waves on. Boring!!! Sorry they aren’t boring I take that back, they are just not a style that I am fond of.

Hippy Clothing on the Beach - Hippy Shorts

Tops – OK so, the majority of the time gents tend to have their shirts off on the beach however, there are times when you need a little protection from the suns rays. It could be you need to wear something in the sea or want to wear a top on the walk to and from the sea. This is the time to don something cooling and funky.
As with women, loose fitting tops are just ideal. Our short sleeve dashiki shirts and our rayon shorts are just perfect as they are lightweight, loos fitting and oh so cooling as they allow the air to flow around.

Shorts – time to get those pasty white legs out. They have been hiding all winter so it is time to show them the light. We have a fab selection here for you from long to short and plain to patterned.
We have a great range of cargo style hippy shorts for you with pockets on the outside of the legs. The pockets mean that you can travel light unless of course you, like me, like to take everything but the kitchen sink with you – that would come in handy though. Hhhmmmm….

Something For Everyone

There are a couple of bits that I think that everyone should have as part of their holiday wardrobe.

Hippy Hats

Hats – a hippy hat is imperative when spending any time under the summer sun. For the ladies, they are great for keeping your hair and face safe from sun damage. For the gents, they are great for keeping your face protected and also your head, especially those with bare heads. We have rimmed hats, crochet hats and also wide brimmed hats in a plethora of colours and designs. We have a style to suit everyone!

Sarongs – a garment that can be worn in a whole range of ways. Sarongs are a rectangular piece of material that are just amazing. All sexes tend to wear then in the standard skirt styles wear however there are more complex ways such as tying it round the neck to make a nice dress.  A great was of covering up yet keeping cool.

So there you have just a small amount of our recommendations for hippy clothing on the beach. Whatever you wear, make sure you have sun cream to hand always. Stay safe and have fun!