Hippy Clothing on the High Street. What’s going on?

Hippy Clothing on the High Street. What’s going on? Some of you would have noticed the sudden influx of high street clothing companies coming up with their somewhat watered down version of our much loved hippy clothing.  In recent years we have seen some quite major chains try and cut in to the popular hippy clothing trend.

Hippy Clothes on the High Street. What’s going on?

Hippy Clothes on the High Street. What's going on?The thing is that these stores can never offer the same unique and handmade pieces of hippy clothing that a store like ours can offer. You will notice that I used the term watered down when referring to the style of hippy clothing that the high street have to offer – the reason that I sue this term is that the clothing is exactly that – a watered down version of true hippy clothing. Although the clothing that they sell may have a slightly hippy boho twist, they are essentially still mainstream clothing and the items are made in their 1000’s. Good luck trying to find anything unique or individual!

High street clothing companies buy their clothing stock in bulk from China (most of the time), they are shown a pattern of material and that is the pattern that will be duplicated exactly the same 1000’s of times over, this is how they keep prices low and how they hope to be able to shift lots of the same clothing line.  To make sure they have a good chance of selling their new festival clothing line, the high street stores stay safe and buy hippy clothing patterns and designs that are closer to other regular clothing ranges being sold on the high street but, with an small added hippy twist.  Like always major clothing companies jump on the band wagon when a trend comes by.  As soon as the trend dies down the clothing company stops selling the range.

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing Trousers-and-Shorts

Mystical Mayhem hippy clothing does not buy into that method.  All of our clothing is handmade in the country of origin. We do order items in bulk but they will always be different even if the same pattern is used because our producers cut and use the materials in such a way that means each item will always end up individual.  No longer do we want items that look exactly the same each time.   Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing, we pride ourselves on selling unique festival clothing that cannot be found in any run of the mill high street clothing store.  Unlike these other major high street clothing companies we will carry on selling great looking hippy clothing for many years as we know people always want to find something unique and handmade.

The whole point of the hippy clothing fashion is to have items of clothing that are unique and stand out in the crowd.  We never want to mass produce clothes at the point that every item looks exactly the same each other as this would take away the whole idea behind hippy clothing.  We like handmade unique hippy clothing and we are here to tell you it’s here to stay.