Hippy Clothing Style is a style that has taken the festival scene by storm. Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and Gifts sell many different clothes based on the hippie clothing style.


Hippie Clothing Style

Hippie Clothing StyleWe have an extensive range of hippy clothing which you will find  is fresh funky and fun. All of  our great looking Boho hippie styled festival clothing comes from countries that love to produce great looking unique clothing such as Nepal, Thailand, India and Indonesia. We find that from countries such as these the quality and materials are brilliant and the clothing is made with care.

For most, the hippie clothing style went out of fashion many many years ago however, for some of  us , hippie clothing is not a trend but who we are and or way of life. I can remember being a child and loving the fashion and asking my mum to make me clothes as we could not buy any hippie style clothing in the 80’s. I actually have some of my mother’s original clothing from the late 60’s early 70’s which I love and are amazing. All handmade by my grandmother 🙂 Made with great love and care. I really love wearing one for the jumpers however I don’t want to wear it too much as I want to keep it. I should probably just wear it! Ok, I will. It seems I have just managed to persuade myself.

The hippie clothing style should be fun and free with comfy loose fitting clothes and bright unique colours. Of course, not everyone wants bright and colourful so we also provide some lovely tonedHippie Clothing Style down festival clothing.

It really is important that we get our hippie clothing style just right which is why we have such a variety for you. We really do have so much to offer you. We cater for men, Women and even have a few little bits for the kids.

The Hippie Clothing Style has never looked better as our designs are based on the fun hippie styles of the 60’s but with a modern twist which brings them up to date with current cuts and fits.