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Hippy clothing UK asks how do you get to your favourite festival?

With people getting ready to flock to their favourite UK festivals we wondered how people normally travel to and form these great summer music gatherings.

You’ve got your funky hippy clothing and a ticket to a music festival that could change your life (my first festival changed mine).
We’ve been searching around and have found some funky alternative modes of transportation that any self respecting hippy would be proud to use.

The first on our list of great festival transportation ideas is this stunning motorbike, the person who did the paint job on this spent many hours creating a brightly coloured hippy hog.  Whether you are cruising to a festival or making your way across the world, this would be a great way to travel.

Whenever we travelled to Glastonbury festival we travelled with a bus load of people, no I really mean it, one of the last ones I attended we actually had to rent a coach to get us all there so it would come naturally that my next great recommendation would be by magic bus.  Of course we don’t all have friends that can create this fantastic kind of artwork but a cheap old bus and a splash of paint and away you go just like the old hippie did in 1960’s America when they took to the hippie trails.





Don’t have quite so many friends to take along? Then we have the perfect piece of hippie transportation.
The hippie bus or VW camper van is synonymous with the hippy movement of the 1960’s and still in my opinion is the best way to get and stay at any festival you might be going to.  Perfect for couples or a small group of friends for sharing accommodation and travelling in style.  If you’re in a rush however I’d maybe look elsewhere as these little guys are known for over heating.

Most people travel to festivals by car and we would always recommend car sharing wherever possible to help with the environmental impact and traffic congestion.  One funky car that has always stuck in my mind is that of the late Janis Joplin, not only did she have a wonderful talent that was taken from us at an early age but she was never afraid to express herself.  Her famous 1964 Porsche 356 Cabriolet was purchased used in 1968, and subsequently had painted in the psychedelic colours by her roadie Dave Richards.


So maybe we are about to get a bit silly with the festival travel arrangements but we like extremes so if you’ve got an
endless supply of money, a big pot of paint and a landing strip then why not fly on a private flower power aeroplane.
You could take all your friends and even a couple of bands if they want to take along in your wake.

And our last piece of festival transportation would have to be in my opinion the best,
however as I’m pretty sure this isn’t real I wouldn’t go getting your hopes up any time soon.
However if this was in any way possible I’d want to fly this helicopter to every festival going.

We hope you’ve liked our fun look at ways to travel to your favourite festival this year.
Some of them are just out right crazy where as others a little more realistic, whatever way you decide to travel to festivals this season just remember to stay safe and have a cracking time.