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Hippy Clothing UK Brings You Cornish Pewter Necklaces

We have always made sure that as a small family run company we provide our customers with a great choice of handmade.  Our clothing items come from places like Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia.  Don’t get me wrong we love the clothes that come from these wonderful countries but we wanted to bring our customers something from a little closer to home.  Jewellery and hippy clothing go together hand in hand as its always great to accessorise (or so my wife tells me, who am I to argue?) 🙂 .

Our fantastic range of pewter necklaces are handmade in the heart of Cornwall here in the UK.
Each one of these lovely pendant necklaces is cast in centrifugal moulds and then finished by hand in the traditional way.
Keeping in line with Mystical Mayhem these necklaces are made from recycled tin.

The husband and wife team who live in Cornwall work together to produce these lovely pieces of jewellery.  We had been looking to increase our collection and thought that these wonderful examples of British craftsmanship fitted really well with the other items we sell. Many of these necklace designs have been inspired by the local area which really makes these pendants special.

Have a look through our video for a quick look at the latest offerings, if there is something you see that we don’t currently have in stock then let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

Handmade in Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Pendant Made from Pewter: Pewter is an alloy of Tin ( 92 % ), Copper and Antimony .
Chain is silver plated

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