Hippy Festival Striped Cotton Nepalese WaistcoatWith the summer in full bloom and Autumn just around the corner, it would seem that it is wedding season and the season of all things formal like work outings etc..
From days past, we know how frustrating it can be when you have to go to an occasion dressed up to the nines when you still want to be comfortable and still be yourself. Well gents, believe it or not, you can.

We have been to wedding after wedding and work functions galore where poor Simon has had to dress suited and booted. I will say it is much easier for women to remain hippyfied when dressing up than it is for men.

Other than the fact that they look amazing, being able to stay true to yourself and still dress up is one of the many reasons that we starting getting in these fantastic hippy waistcoats.

The cost for one of these waistcoats is £15.99

SKU: NP044 – Striped Cotton Hippy Festival Waistcoat.

These brilliant waistcoats are all handmade in Nepal from cotton and are all brilliantly made.
With striped pattern on the front of these hippy waistcoats make for a wonderful fun change from the norm. The back is plain black so from behind it will look like a standard waistcoat but you turn around and boom – all the other men are jealous! Another great feature of these babies is that they have 2 outside pockets and one large inside pocket. Fastens with 5 wooden/coconut shell buttons.
As you can see from Sy’s example, these hippy waistcoats go great with a tie dye t-short however if you want to be a little more conservative they also go great with a nice crisp long sleeved shirt – most colours will work.

As well as these fabulous striped cotton waistcoats we also have other styles  and so I thought I would show you just a few.Hippy Waistcoats

The cost for these waistcoats are as follows;
SKU: NP240 – Printed Pattern Nepalese Cotton Hippy Waistcoat – £16.99
SKU: NP045 – Green man Thick Weave Cotton Hippy Waistcoat – £22.99
SKU: NP044 – Striped Cotton Hippy Waistcoat £15.99
SKU: NP103 – Pentagram Waistcoat – £19.99

Our printed pattern waistcoats are also made from 100% cotton and are all handmade in Nepal.
These waistcoats all come with block printed hippy patterns on them. As they are all handmade they are all slightly different and some may even come with different patterns on. As with the striped versions, these waistcoats also have 5 wooden/coconut shell toggles to fasten them along with one large inside pockets and 2 outside pockets. These are our most popular waistcoats for weddings.

The Green Man hippy waistcoats are just wonderful. Same fastening and pockets as all of the others.
Although this waistcoats is also handmade in Nepal from 100% Cotton, these are made from a thick weave cotton which means that are heavier that the other printed pattern and striped waistcoats. The thick weave cotton gives for a more rustic look and feel. The waistcoat is all black except for the Green man which has been embroidered on the back.

Last but not least are our pentagram waistcoats which have also been made from the lovely thick weave cotton.  They are made exactly the same as our Green man waistcoats except for the fact that they have a pentagram embroidered on the back.

Perfect for weddings, formal occasions, going out for dinner and even festivals!

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.