Gents OutfitWell, Halloween is almost upon us. Mwahahaha! What do you have planned?
We love Halloween over here at Mystical Mayhem, it is a wonderful time of laughter and fun.
We shall be spending the rest of the week carving pumpkins yay!

Anywho, let me get on with why you are here.

Halloween is not only a place for dressing up in ghastly costumes and trick or treating, it is also a time for many people to go out and celebrate life and love and is a very popular time for weddings etc. We wanted to show you how you can look smart and happy all at the same time! Yes it is very possible.

Sy, who I have managed to persuade to model for me forever, is wearing a pair of his own jeans which I have matched with one of our elephant print shirts and one of our thick weave jackets.

The cost for this hippy outfit is £41.48
SKU: STH112 No.09 – Thai Short Sleeve Elephant Print Hippy Festival Shirt £14.49
SKU: FX601 No.06 – Thick Weave Cotton Hippy Festival Pixie Hooded Jacket – £26.99

These Thai hippy Elephant Print shirts are a best seller all year round. Wonderful in the summer as they are nice and lightweight and wonderful in the winter as they look great under a jacket (see picture above). These elephant shirts are all handmade in Thailand from a lovely and soft rayon material. These hippy shirts are collared shirts which can be great for both smart and casual dress. Each shirt not only has a front breast pocket, 5 buttons and a collar but also has the wonderful Thai design all over it. Just gorgeous! If you want attention gents then these are the hippy shirts for you.

Now, as the shirt is short sleeved, you are of course going to need a hippy jacket to go over the top. We have chosen one of our thick weave cotton jackets as they go great with most outfits and they look great with these shirts. These pixie hooded jackets are available in many colours and sizes and have a great looking striped pattern on them. All are handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton. The cotton on these jackets has a brushed effect which means that they look nice and mellow and have a lovely soft feel to them! Each fantastic hippy jacket is warm and comes with 2 front pockets and a nice big pixie good. The jackets fasten using a zip on the front.

Now that the head hippy has tried this outfit on he wants to keep it all for himself. Don’t worry guys  I won’t let him – it’s all yours!

Looking good guys!

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.