gents-outfit-ideaWell, what a busy weekend doing absolutely nothing..pure bliss. Well when I say nothing, we had a fire with some friends so not quite nothing but such relaxation. Getting them in while we can as we are crazy busy for the rest of the year pretty much!

So what did you guys get up to? Had a good one we hope whatever you were doing.
Hope like us you managed to stay nice and warm. You need to these days. Brrr!

For this week’s outfit we have kept it nice and simple. This is an outfit that can  work for inside and out, day or night as it looks great all year round. We have chosen a pair of plain ole flared jeans (the hippy wardrobe staple) and have popped it with one of our great looking Nepalese Print patterned hoodies. Looks great!

The cost for this pull over hoody  is £24.99
Mystical Points to be earned – 99
SKU: S/NP273 – Nepalese Printed pattern Hooded Festival Hippy Pull Over – £24.99

These fantastic Nepalese pull over’s are a great way to keep the cold off. These hoodies are all handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton. The cotton is a nice thick cotton which is the same that we use for our Nepalese waistcoats. Each of these hippy hoodies have awesome looking hand printed and hand painted hippy style patterns on them, 2 front pockets, a flap pocket and toggles on the front to allow for air circulation.. These jackets suit both men and women however are more popular with the men. Don’t be fooled though gents, if you have a lady that like to wear your clothes then you’d better hide this gem in the back of your closet until you want to wear it!!

Usually, due to the type of jackets that we have been showing you lately, you have been able to see what top the hippy has on underneath  however, as this jacket is a pull over you will have to use your imagination. To be honest you can wear what you like. On these colder days I would however recommend something with long sleeves as this jacket does not have fleece lining like many of our others. If I were you I would go for something along the lines of our grandad shirts or one of our long sleeve tie dye t-shirts as that way you will still look great when the hoody comes off. Why not click here to take a look at our range of nice long sleeves….

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.