Hippy Clothing UK - Gents Outfit Idea - Tie Dye Dude!I must say we have gone a little tie dye potty of late. There really is something about tie dye which makes me smile and makes me happy. We have such a range of tie dye clothing as it is probably the most popular styles of clothing that we stock. We have a little of everything from trousers & shorts to shirts, vests and even bags. Love it.

Can you tell what this week’s outfit is – ha-ha you guessed it. Tie Dye baby!

We have gone for a pair of oh so comfy  baggy tie dye trousers this week and have paired them with one of our long sleeved tie die t-shirts. With the weather taking a turn for the worse, you will be lovely and warm but will look awesome.

The cost for this great outfit is £41.98

SKU: TD9091 No.36 – Black Multicoloured Tie Dye Baggy Cotton Trousers – £23.99
SKU: TH068 No.41 – Multicoloured Long Sleeve Tie Dye T-Shirt – £17.99

Our great Multicoloured Tie Dye Baggy Trousers are made from a lovely soft 100% cotton and handmade in Thailand. These tie dye trousers are the style as our plain black cotton baggy trousers except these trousers have been had dyed to create these marvellous tie dye effect look. Each and every pair of these trousers are unique. They also have an elasticated waist and elasticated ankles and have a handy front pocket which closed with a coconut button. Not only do these trousers look great, they feel great too.

Now for our Multicoloured Tie Dye T-shirts. We have both long and short sleeved shirts but this time we thought that we would go for long sleeve. Each shirt is made from 100% cotton, handmade and hand dyed in Thailand which is where all of our tie dye comes from. The cotton used is a lovely soft and stretchy cotton and due to the nature of the t-shirts, as with  all tie dye, each and every one is unique giving you 100% individuality.

Now for the jackets

Jackets 03.08.2016

The cost for these jackets are as below;

SKU: S/NP273 No.06 – Nepalese Printed Pattern Hooded Hippy Pull Over – £29.99
SKU: N1101JK4 No.02 -Gringo Cotton Over Dyed Hippy Jacket with Fleece Lining  – £37.99
SKU: 9857 No.04 -Acid Wash Cotton Hooded Jacket with Fleece Lining – 47.99

Now I am going to tell you a little bit about each jacket.

Our Nepalese Printed Pull Over’s have been handmade in Nepal and are 100% cotton. They are made from the same as our printed waistcoats. These pull over tops have been hand printed with hippy style patterns, have 2 front pockets and also a flap pocket at chest height.  The neck has one wooden toggle so which you can have open or closed as you prefer.

The Gringo over dyed jackets are handmade in Nepal. The outer layer of the jacket is made from 100% cotton and the inside is 100% polar fleece which will keep you lovely and warm. The material is striped with printed patterned shapes. Pretty funky.

Lastly, our acid washed jacket. Made from 100% cotton on the outer layer with the inner layer being 100% polar fleece to keep you toasty. Made from a striped material which has been acid washed to give it the slightly faded and worn look.  There is a nice hood with toggles at the front which you can have closed or open. This jacket has 2 front pockets and an inside pocket.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.