Gent Hippy Tie Dye Outfit IdeaWhat a wonderful weekend it has been and now back to work. What did you guys get up to at the weekend??
We went to the best wedding ever! Traditional gorgeous wedding followed by a fantastic Tim Burton themed reception. We have some awesome friends!!

So Halloween is done and now Fireworks night to look forward to at the weekend. What do you prefer, fireworks at home or an organised event? We love fireworks anywhere to be honest. It is great though when you get a load of fireworks and have friends over..

So this week is tie dye week which means that this outfit is all tie dye. Gotta love a bit of tie dye, especially when it is so dull and grey outside!
Sy is wearing a pair or our baggy cotton tie dye trousers topped off with our brand new tie dye high neck jacket. Looks great!!

The cost for this hippy outfit is £93.97
SKU: TD9091 – Black Multicoloured Tie Dye Cotton baggy Trousers – £24.99
SKU: FX9034 – Nepalese Tie Dye Hippy Style High Neck Wool Hippy Jumper – £54.99

Our black baggy tie dye trousers you may have seen on here may many ideas ago but, as each and every pair are different you never see the same pair twice. Plus, they are awesome!  Made from 100% soft cotton, all of these trousers have been handmade and hand dyed in Thailand.   The waistband of these hippy tie dye trousers is elasticated for a comfortable fit and also has a drawstring so that the size can be adjusted. Each pair of these brilliant trousers also has a wee pocket on the front which is fastened by a coconut button.

Now for the new stuffs – the wonderful Nepalese Tie Dye Wool High Neck Hippy festival Jumper. Just in at the end of last week and already very popular. This jacket is a fleece lined jacket that has a high neck and zips all of the way to the top. This should certainly help to stop the cold getting on your neck. This lovely and warm  jacket has 2 pockets.
Each jacket is handmade in Nepal. The outside is made from 100% wool and the inner from 100% polar fleece. You won’t be cold in this baby!

As this jacket is one of the rare ones that we have without a hood, we of course want to help you keep warm from head to toe so, here are some of our new hippy beanie hats for you to look at.

Hippy Beanie Hats

The cost for these great looking beanie hats are £7.99 each
SKU: FXH99 – Fleece Lined Wool Hippy Beanie Hat – £7.99

These great hats are also new and are just zooming out of the door. They are super warm and look awesome!. These hippy beanie hats are fleece lined which means that they are just perfect for helping keep your head and ears warm.. Each hat has been  handmade in Nepal. The outer of the hat is 100% wool and the inner is 100% polar fleece. Lovely and warm. As the hats have all been hand knitted, each and every hat is unique.  The hat is soft and stretch which means that it will fit most grownups.. when I say grownups I use the term loosely 😉

As usual, it seems that once the hippy puts one of these outfits on he wants to keep them but fear not, I have told him to bugger off! 🙂

Oh, and for those of you who follow the hippy’s beard, don’t you worry he has not cut it but only tucked it into the jacket so that you can see it properly..

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.