Gents Outfit Idea Week 8 of our outfits and we hope that you are finding them useful. We have had some great feedback! As well as putting these together to help you folk, it is also good for us as it gives us idea on what outfits go together for when we put displays together.
When you have as much stock as we do it can be very hard to choose what items of clothing to use and so we have decided to do a mix of new stock and existing stock.
As much of our clothing is suited to all sexes, we like to mix things up a little and use clothing that traditionally women would wear because lets face it, where is the fun in tradition? Being a hippy is about wearing what you feel comfortable in!

These weeks outfit is all about maximum comfort.

We have chosen a pair of our Rayon Hippy Thai Elephant Trousers paired with one of our brightly coloured Gringo Cotton patchwork Hooded Hippy Top.

The cost for this great outfit is £33.98

SKU: STH105 No.24 – Black Hippy Thai Elephant Trousers – £14.99
SKU: T706-A – Multicolour Gringo Cotton Patchwork Hooded Short- £18.99

Our wonderfully soft and comfy Thai Hippy Elephant print Trousers have all been handmade in Thailand. They are made from soft feel Rayon and have an elasticated waistband with a drawstring to help adjust the size. These great rousers are just perfect for lounging around the house or going out and about. The look so good they can be worn where you like!

The Gringo Hooded Patchwork Shirts are great looking shorts made from different coloured cotton patches.  Each of these hooded shirts have both printed and hand painted hippy artwork on them, front and back. All shirts have been handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton.

We know that plenty of gents these days have lovely long flowing locks so we have decided to showcase a few hair/head bands to help you keep the hair from your faces in this warm weather.

Hairbands 10.08.2016

The cost for these hair bands  are as below;
SKU: NH5 No.10 – Orange and Blue Headband – £2.19
SKU: NH4 No.08 – Yellow, Green and Red Long Headband – £3.29
SKU: NH5 No.09 – Multicoloured Headband – £2.19

Our long handmade stretchy headbands are just wonderful from keeping the sun from your head and the hair from your face. There are so many different ways to wear these long headbands.

The standard short headbands are made from the same soft stretchy knitted cotton and are just as great at keeping the sun from your head and the hair from your face they are just smaller so can only be worn in one way.

Keeping the hair from your face has never been easier!
Also for those of you who don’t have long hair that you need to keep from your face. I know plenty of blokes who wear these when exercising to help keep the sweat from their eyes.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.