gents-outfit-warm-hippyBlimey – nearly at the end of October already- doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?!
The end of the month is fast approaching and it looks as though the cold is here to stay so you need to make sure that you stay nice and warm when you are out and about..

This week’s outfit is all about keeping warm as the outside is brrrrr………..

So, I have managed to persuade hippy Sy to model for me again and the reslut is this. He is wearing a pair of his own jeans and as we don’t sell jeans s you can wear whatever you have in your wardrobe. We have teamed the jeans with one of our bright and funky patchwork shirts which I think looks ace. As it is too hilly to go out without some kind of jacket I thought that I would also have Sy wear one of our Multicoloured Snowflake Hooded Wool Jackets. What an awesome combo that will ensure warmth.

The cost for this hippy outfit is £65.73
SKU: GN215-T706 F – Gringo Cotton Patchwork Hippy Shirt  £18.99
SKU: FX495 – Multicoloured Snowflake Wool Hippy festival Jacket – £46.74

We have several different types of patchwork shirts however this is the only one with a hood. These hooded patchwork shorts have all been handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton and are all unique. These hippy shirts really do look great with their bight colourful patches, their printed patterns and hand painted artwork. As these shirts have long sleeves it means that they are perfect for keeping the chill off of your arms and hey, if you d get a little tasty when wearing it you can just roll up the sleeves. As added advantage of these shirts is the hood, pull up and protect your head and ears from the cold. Each short also has a neat kangaroo pocket on the front.

Next up is one of our wool jackets. This black and white multicoloured snowflake woollen festival jacket is so popular with both men and women as is one of these jackets that just looks great on all. Each jacket is handmade in Nepal. The out of the jacket is made from 100% wool while the inner is made from 100% polar fleece. Mmmmm warm. Each jacket has a hood, 2 standard pockets and one inside pocket. These festival hippy jackets fasten from the front with a zip. Available in 2 different sizes

Now that the head hippy has tried this outfit on he wants to keep it all for himself. Don’t worry guys  I won’t let him – it’s all yours!

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.