Ladies Outfit Idea - Bali BeautyHowdy ladies.
First off I would like to say sooorrrry for not posting an outfit last week. As you will know, we had a stall at our very first festival on Saturday at Cider in The Barn which was held at Hitchcox Cider Farm in Chalgrove. We had an awful lot to prepare which meant that I just didn’t have the chance to put anything together for you….. we had such a great time at Cider in The Barn. The atmosphere was awesome , the food was brilliant and the bands were great. The organisers Benji and Toby had it spot on! Unfortunately they were unable to control the weather which meant that it rained for hours but luckily that didn’t stop people coming along!

We have another stall this weekend at the Bidford Bash where we live and we are much better prepared this time so all is well 🙂

This week’s outfit is me not being able to let go of the sun. I know Autumn is almost here but, the sun is still shining and it is lovely and warm. There may be somewhat of a breeze but it is nit cold – yet! Skirts are still wearable so we thought we would show you one of our pixie hem tie dye skirts which looks wonderful paired with one of our shrugs.

The cost for this lovely outfit is £34.98
SKU: BR No.14 – Plum Bali Knit Hippy festival Shrug – £10.99
SKU: BA488 N0.03 – Flower Black & White Tie Dye Pointed Pixie Skirt – £23.99

Our wonderful Bali knot hippy shrugs go with pretty much any outfit. They work well with casual and formal wear. It all depends on what mood you are in! These Bali knit hippy shrugs are all handmade in Bali and is lovely and stretchy which means that it is suitable for many sizes. Available in many different colours.

Our tie dye pointed pixie skirts are just beautiful. They have been one of our best sellers for some time now and are loved by most. We have bright colours and neutral colours like the black in the picture so that we can cater for everyone’s tastes. The great thing about these neutral colours is that they go with any colour that you want to put with them. Just think of how many different shrugs would go with this outfit… YAY!

These tie dye skirts have all been handmade and hand dyed in Bali Indonesia and are made from 100% Rayon.

Because these skirts go so well with shrugs we thought that we would show you a few more 🙂Shrugs

Each of these gorgeous shrugs cost £10.99.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.