Ladies Hippy Outfit Ideas Cute in Crochet Why not go Boho with layers this autumn. Layering is a wonderful way to still be able to wear the cute clothes that you love and still stay nice and warm.

There is a fine art to layering to ensure that you do not look like the marshmallow man. Read on and we will show you how with this outfit.

This week’s outfit is baggy and beautiful encapsulating full boho with a pair of our hippy crochet flares topped with one of our cotton hippy blouse with crochet detail.

The cost for this lovely outfit is £40.48
SKU: FXTH166 No.01 – Thai Hippy Crochet Cotton Baggy Flares – £22.49
SKU: FXTH165 No.05 – Cotton Thai Hippy Top/Blouse with Crochet Detail – £17.99

These beautiful crochet flares really are gorgeous. Handmade in Thailand from 100% cotton they really are a joy to wear. Every hippy loves nice big baggy flares 🙂 These lovely styles flares are made from a nice thin cotton Tie Dye Hippy Leggingsbut don’t let that stop you from wearing them in the colder weather. Keep reading as we have some suggestions for you.. Each pair of flares has lovely crochet detail across the waistband. The back of the waistband is elasticated. There is a drawstring on the front of the flares however this is just for decoration purposes only.
So, as these gorgeous flares are made from a thin cotton, we have just the thing to keep you toasty when wearing them. Why not pop on a pair of our funky tie dye leggings underneath 🙂

Not that’s your bottom half sorted, how about our stunning Thai cotton hippy blouse with crochet detail. Is this not just the perfect hippy boho accompaniment to the crochet flares?! They go so well together. Handmade in Thailand from 100% cotton, each pretty top has a lovely crochet detail across the bust. The back of these hippy blouses are elasticated as are the straps to make for a nice comfortable fit. There is a drawstring on the front which does nothing except look pretty!

Well now, you can’t really walk around in just a hippy blouse this Autumn, you of course need a nice jacket to go with it. Here is one just to give you an idea that this outfit hippy pixie hooded jacketgoes with everything 🙂

The cost for this jacket is £44.99
SKU: 9038 – Cotton Fleece Lined Ripped Look Pixie Hooded Jacket – £44.99

These lovely pixie hooded jackets are just perfect for wearing out and about on these cold Autumn days (great for Winter too to be honest). Handmade in Nepal, the outer of these jackets is made from 100% cotton and the outer from 100% polar fleece. As well as the ripped look effect there are also hand embroidered flowers on the front and on the hood of the jacket. You can see from the picture that the back of the jacket is plain, that’s ok though as there is nothing to steal the attention from the awesome pixie hood!

So, that’s it for this week – we hope that you have found these ideas useful. Until next week fellow hippy’s.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.