Ladies Flower Power Outfit Brrrrr! Is it me or is it starting to get a little chilly! I do believe that Autumn is but days away. Yay. I do like the Autumn. This seems to be the time where people start to get cold and hide themselves away. I say that there is no need, with the right clothing in the right colours you can stay nice and warm whilst being bright like the summer. There is no need to hibernate so why not grab some new clothes, some friends and go on out and enjoy the Autumn!

The theme that we have gone for this week is flowers. Flowers are just beautiful and seem to cheer everyone up and as this is the time of year were people start to feel a little down we thought we would go for flowers and gorgeous clothing in the colours of Autumn.

Here we have one of our very popular, comfortable and warm patchwork flower jackets teams with some lovely yet simple flared jeans. Unfortunately we do not sell jeans at in our hippy store however we thought that everyone would have a pair or two at home in their current collection.

The cost for this lovely jacket is £26.99
SKU:FX458 No.13 – Multicoloured Cotton Patchwork Ripped Look Hooded Hippy jacket – £26.99

The beautiful patchwork hippy flower jackets have all been handmade in Nepal and are made from 100% cotton. These hippy jackets are lovely and warm and look amazing.  These jackets have been made up of stretchy over-stitched pieces of material that have then been overlaid with the wonderful ripped look effect that you can see in the picture.

There is a hood and 2 pockets and the front of the jacket boasts wonderful hand embroidered flowers. The back of the jacket is patchwork also but without the flowers. We love these jackets as we think that they are stylish yet keeping in the hippy clothing theme and as well as looking amazing they are also great for the cooler weather. You will certainly be unique with these jackets as no 2 are the same.

So, what would you wear under the patchwork flower jacket, keeping with the flower theme, how about one of our handmade embroidery flower vest tops. Available in many colours. Here are a few for you to take a little look at.

Flower Vest Tops

The cost for these lovely flower vest tops are as follows;
SKU: FX642 No.16 – Green Flower Embroidery Hippy Vest Top – £13.99
SKU: 9974 No.53 – Embroidery Flower Hippy Vest Top – £13.99
FX642 No.24 – Red Flower Embroidery Hippy Vest Top – £13.99

Our Flower embroidery vest tops (FX462) are handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton.  They have all been made from a lovely soft feel stretchy cotton and all have a very pretty embroidered flower on the front. Each and every vest top is different.  The back of the vest tops are just a plain block colour that matches the same colour that makes up the bulk of the front.

Our lovely embroidery flower hippy vest tops are not unlike the others, all 100% cotton handmade in Nepal. These vest tops boast hand embroidered flowers as well as various other deigns such as paisley and a ripped effect. As they are all handmade they are all unique.

Bored of flowers yet? Nope, us neither so we thought that we would finish the outfit off with some of our patchwork embroidery shoulder bags.

Flower Bags

The cost for these bags are £14.99 each.

These wonderful cotton Nepalese embroidered shoulder bags are a great sized bag and are just perfect for everyday use. Like everything else shown today, all have been handmade and hand embroidered from 100% cotton in Nepal. As well as embroidered flowers this hippy bag also has an embroidered peace symbol on the front.  Each bag has one inside pocket . The main compartment of the bags zips closed and has a wooden button for extra security.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.