Gypsy Girl Hippy OutfitToday is the first day back in the office after a wonderful long weekend. What did everyone get up to? I bet many of you went off to Reading and Leeds festival. I hear for some of you it was rather muddy! All adds to the experience though. For most of the weekend where we are the weather was glorious so we made the most of it. 5k Parkrun on Saturday and then in true hippy style, on Sunday evening, we sat and had a lovely fire in the garden, relaxed and sat and watched the stars. B E A Utiful!  Monday was fairly relaxed with a nice gentle 11.5 mile bike ride followed by some food and a few drinks round at a friends…
Now, back to it 🙂

This weeks outfit is still sitting in style with the summer and consists of one of our stunning recycled sari gypsy skirts and one of our embroidery flower vest tops (you will have seen one of these before back in July however it was a completely different colour and we thought that the black matched the skirt nicely.)

The cost for this lovely outfit is £31.98
SKU: FX29 No.31 – Recycled Sari Gypsy Wrap Skirts – £17.99
SKU: FX642 No.09 – Flower Embroidery Hippy festival Top – £13.99

The gorgeously pretty recycled silk gypsy wrap skirts are a relatively new addition to our skirt collection over the past few weeks and I have to say that they are selling amazingly well and we have just had to order in another shed load 🙂 Not complaining of course. We are glad that you like them!

Handmade in India from recycled sari’s. The material consists of a mix of silk and viscose which makes for a wonderful soft skirt which feels amazing. These skirts not only look fabulous but are fabulous as although these skirts may feel a little weighty, the silk helps to keep you nice and cool which means that you will be super comfortable. These skirts are all unique and individual and are made from different patches of sari which have been sewn together into a panel design.  This really is a great  hippy summer skirt, perfect for festivals, dinner dates and just wearing because you want to.

Our flower embroidery vest tops are just wonderfully popular and diverse means they will go with almost any outfit making them a must for every wardrobe.
Handmade and hand embroidered in Nepal from 100% cotton.
Each top has a large embroidered flower on the front alongside some other little flowers which go very nicely with the lovely ripped look effect on the panel at the bottom. As they are all handmade each vest top varies and no two are the same.

As we here at Mystical Mayhem and you lovely people seem to be hugely in love with these skirts at the moment, we wanted to show you a few more as we have so many to choose from.Recycled Sari Gypsy Wrap Skirts

Each of these gypsy wrap skirts cost £17.99.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.