Ladies Outfit - Happy in Harem 18.10.2016Wow, half way through October already can you believe it. Where on Earth does it go??? I would love to know why it seems to go so fast. I recall being younger and thinking that time moved so slowly and wishing the time away- now, it goes so fast and what I wouldn’t give to get an extra few hours in the day! Time is a fickle thing 🙂

Anywho….onto that you are here for – Mystical Mayhem Clothing’s wonderful wares.
This week is based on happiness. I think it is so important to wear what makes you happy and what makes you feel comfortable so, this week I have chosen an outfit that makes me feel happy.

We have teamed a pair of these gorgeous Ali Baba Harem Trousers with one of our new cotton peace jacket. There is something about this mix that makes me smile.

The cost for this lovely outfit is £44.98
SKU: TH074 No.22 – Blue Hippy Style Ali Baba Hippy Harem Trousers – £17.99
SKU: FX295 No.03 – Black Embroidery Patchwork Peace Sign Hippy Jacket – £26.99

These beautiful ali baba harem trousers not only look great but feel amazing too. made from a lovely soft Rayon, these super baggy trousers are just the epitome of comfort. All of these trousers have been handmade in Thailand so are all slightly unique. These harem trousers come with a fab thick elasticated waist which means that they cater for a variety of sizes. They also have elasticated ankles which means that you can wear the in various positions on your legs. One of the reasons that these lovelies are so popular is the fact that the crotch is so low giving the loose illusion that you are wearing a skirt but are actually wearing trousers. Win win! Loved by many and look great on all. Available in so many different styles and colours we have something to suit everyone..

Nest up this week is our cotton patchwork peace jackets.  Made from 100% cotton handmade in Nepal. The cotton that these hippy jackets are made from is a wonderful soft and stretchy cotton which means that they are nice and comfortable and the cotton has also been stonewashed to give the effect that you can see in the picture above. Each jacket has lovely looking patchwork as well as an embroidered peace sign.  The back of these jackets are all plain and match the main colour of the jacket (same colour as the arms and the hood).
These jackets are available in different colours and sizes.

The above outfit should keep you looking awesome this Autumn!

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.