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Hippy Clothing UK – Ladies Outfit Idea – In The Summertime!

It’s that time again ladies……..
In the summertime when the weather is high (sing with us),Ladies Outfit 28.06.2016
You can stretch right up and touch the sky,
When the weather is fine,
You’ve got clothing, you’ve got clothing on your mind!
Ok so we may have changed the words a little….

So, here we are again on another warm and sunny day. Don’t you just love this time of year?!

The sun is shining and the air is warm and filled with the smell of freshly cut grass and bbq’s. Just delightful!
We thought that as it is summer we would carry that theme into this week’s outfit idea. This hippy ensemble will look wonderful day and night.
The outfit that we have chosen this week is made up of one of our wonderful pairs of multicoloured patchwork Ali Baba trousers and a tie dye vest top.

This outfit can be worn anywhere that you like, music concert, out to dinner with friends or just relaxing in the sun.

The cost for this beautiful outfit is £34.48
SKU: FX608 No.50 – Multicoloured Cotton Hippy Style Patchwork Harem Ali Baba Trousers – £20.49
SKU: TH042 – Thai Tie Dye Hippy Vest Top – 13.99

These bright and funky patchwork ali baba harem trousers have been handmade in India. Each pair of trousers are super baggy which means that they let the air circulate keeping you nice and cool. As well as keeping you nice and cool, they look awesome too. The trousers are made using patches of cotton material to make these wonderfully unique trousers. No 2 pairs are the same. The waistband on these trousers are elasticated which means that they fit a variety of sizes. Each pair of trousers also has 2 side pockets.
Our great tie dye vest tops are nice and simple yet unique enough to stand out. Made from a nice and soft stretchy blend of viscose and spandex. Each vest is hand dyed in Thailand making each one different. All of these vest tops are styled the same but due to the hand dyed nature, each and every one is unique.

Of course, as always, an outfit needs accessorises. For this outfit we recommend the below bags and hair forks.

Bags 28.06.2016

The costs for these bags are as below
SKU: SB No.15 – Purple Small Cotton Shoulder Bag with Short Strap – £7.99
SKU: SB No.19 – Blue Small Cotton Shoulder Bag with Short Strap – £7.99

These Small Cotton Shoulder Bag with Short Strap is just great if you are don’t need to carry much with you. Each bag has 1 inside compartment. The main compartment zips closed and also ties closed for that little bit of extra security. Made from 100% cotton handmade in India.

Hairforks 28.06.2016

The cost for these hair forks are as below
SKU: BA668 – Two Prong Wooden Hippy Hair Fork with Abstract Man – £2.99
SKU: BA667 – Two Prong Wooden Hippy Hair Fork with Butterfly – £2.99

These wooden hair forks are such an easy and effective way to keep your hair up and away from your face. Simple yet stylish. These hair forks have been handcrafted in Bali Indonesia from 100% natural wood.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.