Aladies Outfit - Nepalese Woolnother nice quiet weekend was had in the Bulman household this weekend. I think we are getting the quiet ones in while we can as now it would seem that we are fully booked until January. It really is wonderful seeing friends and family but it can be a little tiring. Not complaining though, we love it!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and managed to stay nice and warm in the cold weather….

This week’s outfit is all about the Nepalese wool. We have paired this gorgeous Nepalese wool hippy jacket with a nice simple pair of flared jeans. Goes wonderfully wouldn’t you agree?! I don’t think you can go wrong with some simple jeans (flared of course if you have them) and a nice funky hippy festival jacket!

The cost for this lovely jumper is £54.99
Mystical Points to be earned – 219
SKU: FX685 – Multicoloured Patterned Nepalese Hooded Wool Jacket – £54.99

These gorgeous jumpers are still relatively new as have only been with us for about 4 weeks. They are that well loved that they are just flying out as soon as we have them in. We are constantly getting new deliveries through. This is of course great news. These fab hippy jackets are available not just in the purple that you can see here but in 2 other awesome colours!
The outer of these jackets are made from 100% wool and the inner from a toasty warm 100% polar fleece. Each jacket has a hood, 2 front pockets and a zip on the front. Each of these hippy jackets has been handmade in Nepal. The Nepalese really are the best at making woollen clothing!

Now, we often post jackets with hoods as so many people like to wear them however, there are also many people that would rather Ladies outfit - Wool head Warmerswear a hat and perhaps a scarf rather than a hood which is why I thought that I would show you something else that we have just had in that some of you may like.

Please excuse the face 🙂

The cost for these great looking head warmers are £6.96 each
Mystical Points to be earned – 27
SKU: FXHB- Fleece Lined Wool Hippy Head Warmer – £6.96

These head bands are great for keeping your head warm. Although they do not cover the whole of your head, trust me they are very warm! Each and every one of these head warmers has been hand knitted in Nepal to produce a nice unique looking item every time. The outer of these warmers are made from 100% wool and the inner is made from polar fleece. polar fleece has wonderful thermal properties to help keep the cold at bay. It also makes for a nice soft lining against your skin.  As we know that everyone has a different sized head, these gorgeous head warmers have a drawstring running through then so that you can adjust the band to fit your heads.

Make sure that you are prepared for the cold weather and that you stay suitable warm and wrapped up!

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.