Ladies Outfit

Phew! This last week has been soooo hot. Not that I am complaining or anything, just mentioning that it has been a tad warm. We have had bbq’s and several late nights with friends in the garden so am definitely not complaining 🙂 We have even had a few fires in the evening . There is nothing better!

When you are with friends in the comfort of your own home or  even in the comfort of theirs, there is just no need to dress up (unless you want to or are having a dinner party etc) which is why this week’s outfit is all about keeping you cool in this heat. The best way to keep cool is by wearing light and airy clothes. Cotton or Rayon if you can as 1 the materials are soft on your skin and 2 if you happen to sweat they will absorb it as opposed to letting it stay on your skin..

This week’s choices for your outfit is a paid of our lovely soft and lightweight Thai Elephant Print Trousers which we have in many colours and one of our cotton Embroidery Flower hippy vests.

The cost for this lovely outfit is £28.98
SKU: S/TH105 No.28 – Green/Teal Thai Hippy Elephant Print Trousers – £14.99
SKU: 9974 – Green Embroidery Flower Hippy Festival Vest Top – £13.99

Our cool and comfortable elephant print trousers have been handmade in Nepal from 100% Rayon.
These trousers have an elasticated waistband which allows for various sizes or too much food! They really are great in the heat. You could even roll them up if you wanted! The fabulous elephant print is so popular that we have quite a range of clothing for both men and women in the print from shorts to shirts.

The hippy embroidered flower vests have a lot going on but are super pretty! Made in Nepal from 100% cotton, these vests are a must as every single one is unique with their ripped effect look at the top of the vest and thee embroidered flowers. No two are the same. The back of the vest matches the main colour scheme of the vest. You have to love flowers in the summer time. Well all year round. We are hippies after all.

Why not try this outfit in the evening sat around a nice camp fire!

By Eric Dufresne from Trois-Rivières, Canada (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

For the last few weeks we have been showing you some of your hats so this week we thought that we would show you some headbands that we have. They create a different look from a hat but they also keep the sun from your head!

The cost for these headband are as below
SKU: NH5 No.08 – Yellow, Green & Red Handmade Long Stretchy Headband – £3.29Headbands
SKU: NH4 No.07 – Rainbow Handmade Long Stretchy Headband – £2.19
SKU: NH5 No.06 – Rainbow Handmade Long Stretchy Headband – £2.19
SKU: – NH5 No.09 – Multicoloured Long Stretchy Headband – £3.29

Our long handmade stretchy headbands are just wonderful from keeping the sun from your head and the hair from your face. There are so many different ways to wear these long headbands. You can be casual or stylish – entirely up to you! Made in Nepal from knitted cotton.

The standard short headbands are made from the same soft stretchy knitted cotton and are just as great at keeping the sun from your head and the hair from your face they are just smaller so can only be worn in one way.

Keeping the hair from your face has never been easier!

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.