Ladies Hippy Outfit -Sassy in StripesWow! What a weekend we have had. It has been busy but really awesome.. As I have mentioned in previous articles, this weekend just gone was the wedding that we had been waiting for. We got to witness some of our best friends get married (yes I did cry). They had a wonderful simple ceremony where they both looked stunning, followed by a scrummy wedding breakfast and then party time! They had a fantastic Tim Burton themed reception and it was awesome. Lots of people dressed up in a whole range of characters and even the wedding cake was themed. It’s always wonderful to catch up with friends. So what did you guys get up to???

So, even thought the weather at the weekend was gorgeous to the point that the sun was shining so hot that you would have thought it June and not the end of October, it really didn’t take long for the cold to settle in again and this is again what we have based this week’s outfit on..

This week’s outfit is all stripes baby. I don’t think that I know anyone who doesn’t look good in stripes. As we don’t really have too many pairs of striped trousers( we have but really want to concentrate on .. well read on) we have gone with a nice and simple pair of flared jeans (we do not sell these but I am sure that being a hippy you will have some in your wardrobe) and have put them with one of our ever so pretty Swedish Style Nepalese Wool Jumpers.

The cost for this lovely jumper is £49.99
SKU: FX681 – Swedish Style Nepalese Hippy Festival Striped Wool Jumper – £49.99

Now this jumper is brand new in and is just beautiful. We are getting such great feedback on them already. Fantastic!! These awesome pull over hippy jumpers have been handmade (of course) with love and care in Nepal and are made from 100% wool. They have all been made using multicoloured wool and have snowflake patterns knitted into them. In true hippy style the sleeves of this wool jumper have been made with a nice flare at the end. How fab is that?! These really do look amazing and are toasty warm too. I will say though that as they are made out of wool, I would always wear a base layer underneath as some people are super sensitive to wool.

As the weather is particularly pants this week and is supposed to be all through the weekend (just in time for Fireworks) we thought that we would also show you some of Hippy Beanie Hatsour lovely striped beanie hats.

The cost for these great looking beanie hats are £7.99 each
SKU: FXH99 – Fleece Lined Wool Hippy Beanie Hat – £7.99

These great hats are also relatively new and are just flying out. You can see why through right? These wonderful hippy beanie hats are fleece lined which means that they are just perfect for helping you stay warm during the cold times. Each hat was handmade in Nepal. The outer of the hat is 100% wool and the inner is 100% polar fleece. I can feel myself getting warmer already 🙂
As the hats have all been hand knitted, each and every hat is unique. The hat is soft and stretch which means that it will fit most adults. Yay!

Just remember folks that if you are out and about near fireworks just please be safe and aware of your surroundings.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.