Ladies Hippy Outfit IdeaOh my goodness! This weather is fantastic….if you are a duck!!! It has been raining for days and it seems everywhere is one giant puddle. Great if you have a pair of wellies and can go and play, otherwise, brr!

So, how to dress for duck weather – this week’s outfit shows that even through it is raining out there you can still dress like a lady and stay nice and warm. The dry part is up to you though 🙂

This week’s outfit is made up of one of our gorgeous Tie Dye Panelled Hippy Skirts paired with one of our warm and lovely Gheri Cotton Multicoloured Patchwork Fleece Lined Hippy Jackets.

The cost for this lovely outfit is £55.98
Mystical Points to be earned: 222
SKU: FX2023 – Long Tie Dye Panel Hippy Skirt – £13.93
SKU: FX611 – Gheri Cotton Multicoloured Fleece Line Patchwork Fleece Lined Hippy Jacket – £41.99

Yes I know that it is cold out and yes  I know that it is Autumn (feels like Winter) but why should that stop us being able to wear skirts and dresses if we want to! If you have the right combination of layers, you should be just fine. For starters, these wonderful long tie dye skirts just look gorgeous and will add a nice bright spark to these miserable looking days. The skirts are made from a viscose material and all have an underskirt which I would say is about half the full length of the hippy skirt.  All of these skirts have been handmade in India and are made up of panels that have been sewn together using quality elaborate embroidery work. The waistband of these hippy skirts are elasticated which means that they are not just for one size but are suitable for several. The waistband also has drawstrings so that you can tighten them if necessary.

You can wear the skirt by itself (you may get a little chilly) or, you can layer up.  We would recommend a nice thick pair of tights or, a funky pair of leggings. As I am sure you will have seem , we sure have some nice and funky tie dye leggings here at Mystical Mayhem.

For the top half, we have chosen a warm fleece lined number. We have gone for one of our Gheri Cotton Patchwork Jackets. These great hippy jackets have all been made in Nepal. Each and every single one is unique and different from the next.  Made from 100% cotton with the inner fleece layer being 100% polar fleece ensuring comfort and warmth. Yay! What more can a girl want.?! They look and feel amazing! These hippy festival jackets are made using individual pieces of Gheri cotton which are sewn together. When the jacket has been made it is then over dyed with a coloured dye.
Each jacket has a kangaroo pocket which is just wonderful for putting your hands into 🙂 The pocket is not fleece lined like the inner of the jacket however it seems to store some of your body heat and stays toasty 🙂

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.