Hippy DressesSo, it seems that the summer is in full swing, well this week anyway. The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and the smell of sun tan lotion is in the air!
I have to say, summer is one of my favourite seasons. When the sun is out, the world becomes a much brighter place and everyone seems to be in such high spirits.. If suitably prepared, being in the sun is sooooooo good for your soul!

The sun has got his hat on and so should you! Put on some lotion, some nice cool summer clothes and go out and bask in this wonderful delight we call warmth and sunshine!

I reckon you can guess from by babbling above, this week’s outfit may have something to do with keeping cool!

The outfit that we have chosen this week is less of an outfit suppose but more of a singular item. We have chosen one of our most popular dresses which are our Pointed Pixie Tie Dye Dresses.

The cost for one of these beautiful dresses is £26.99

SKU: FX481

A dress like this will not only keep you cool but will look amazing too! You can wear these dresses on their own with a pair of shoes or boots or you can wear one over jeans. They can be worn to dinner or then can be worn for chilling. It is up to you. These dresses are so versatile and go great with most things. You could even pair them with a shrug or one of our embroidery jackets on the cooler evenings. Up to you.
This beautiful dress is made of a nice thin cotton and has gorgeous lacework along with strips of material that have been tie dyed and have a pretty floral pattern on them.
The bottom hem of each dress has a pixie finish and the back of each dress is elasticated allowing multiple sizes. Handmade in Nepal.

As we mentioned, these dresses would look beautiful paired with a shrug. We have numerous colours for you to choose from but here are a select few.

The cost for one of these shrugs is £10.99Shrugs

Our stunning Bali Knit Shrugs have been handmade in Bali Indonesia, are lightweight and airy and go great with any outfit, day or night. These shrugs have the same great stretchy properties as other single Bali knit items which means that they are great for fitting a variety of sizes
These shrugs really are just perfect for every occasion as look great with a dress or jeans and a t-shirt!

As it is sunny, we thought that instead of bags this week, we would show you some hats so that when you are out and about you can keep your head protected and covered.

Hippy Hats

The cost for these hats are as below
SKU: FXTH012  – Bright Thai Cotton Multicoloured Patchwork Hippy Festival Rimmed Hat – £11.49
SKU: FX185 No.02 –  Multicoloured Embroidery Hippy Hat – £10.49
SKU FXTH083 No.29 – Thai Cotton Hippy Festival Rimmed Hat – £14.49

Our bright Thai Multicoloured hats are wonderful accessory to brighten any outfit. made in Thailand from 100% cotton these hats have a rounded rim on them rather like an inner tube on a tyre.

Our funky embroidery hats are also made n Thailand from 100% cotton. Like the rimmed hat, each of these floppy hats are made from patchwork cotton material however these hats have had lovely flowers embroidered onto them. The rim of the hat also has a funky ripped look effect which is very popular and featured on many styles of our clothing.

The Thai cotton rimmed hats both the bright and the not so bright are fantastic cotton hats which have been handmade in Thailand (I bet the work Thai gives it away huh!). Each hat is made with a funky pattern and lined inside with a black cotton. Each of these hats has a rounded rim.

Our fun embroidery flowers hats have been handmade in Thailand from 100% cotton. These floppy hats are made from patchwork cotton material and have had lovely flowers embroidered onto them. The rim of the hat also has a funky ripped look effect which is very popular and featured on many styles of our clothing.

I am just going to say that if you are out and about in the sun folks, please make sure that you wear lotion and hats etc. Stay safe folks!

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.