There is something about the summer that screams bbq, cold drinks, friends and tie dye. When I think of warm sunny days I see people wearing tie dye in many different styles and forms. You could probably tie dye anything and I am sure it would look amazing.

Ladies Tie Dye OutfitI mean, come on, what’s not to like about tie dye?!?!? It is bright, colourful, fun, funky and just looks so amazing. anyone can wear it and look cool!

I am sure that I read someone (once upon a time) that Janis Joplin used to love tie dye so much that she made tie dye satin sheets to sleep on. If it is cool enough for Janis Joplin……

The outfit that we have chosen this week is of course all tie dye and consists of a pair of our wonderful tie dye jeans accompanied buy one of our adjustable tie dye blouse vest tops.

Wearing an outfit like this you will sure stand out in a crowd! Whether you are out and about, having lunch or just at home, this outfit would look great.

The cost for this bright and beautiful outfit is £39.48

SKU: TH071 No.07 – Purple Tie Dye Cotton Hot Pants – £22.99
SKU: FX100 No.01 – Multicoloured Hippy Tie Dye Adjustable Blouse Vest Top – £16.49

These wonderful hot pant shorts are a steady favourite of Mystical mayhem customers and seem popular all year round not just in the summer. These shorts have been handmade in Thailand. Each pair of shorts is unique and has 2 front and 2 back pockets with a zipper and button on the front. There is also rivet detail on the front and back pockets.

Our brilliantly bright adjustable tie dye blouses are quite new to our collection and just seem to be flying off of the shelves. These tops are handmade in Thailand from a lovely soft flowing cotton. Each tie dye pattern is unique, so no 2 of these vest tops are the same. These blouses can be worn in several different ways – examples as below;

 So, we have done the clothes, now for the bags and the hats;Tie Dye Hats and Bag

 The cost of these accessories are as follows;
SKU: FX185 No.06 – Patchwork Embroidery Flower Floppy Hippy Hat – £10.49
SKU:SBA592 – Multicoloured Tie Dye Shoulder Bag – £11.99
SKU: FX185 No.08 – Patchwork Embroidery Flower Floppy Hippy Hat – £10.49

Our fun embroidery flowers hats have been handmade in Thailand from 100% cotton. These floppy hats are made from patchwork cotton material and have had lovely flowers embroidered onto them. The rim of the hat also has a funky ripped look effect which is very popular and featured on many styles of our clothing.

These tie dye are made from a thin rayon material and are just perfect for carrying those little things around. When these bags are empty the can fold away into the tiniest parcel. The inside of these bags are lined with a shiny black rayon. The bag has one inside pouch and the main compartment zips closed.

We have such a range of tie dye clothing that I feel we will have to create some more outfits for you at a later date. In the mean time, please click here to be taken to our tie dye collection.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.

Be bold, be bright, be tie dye!!!!!