Ladies Outfit Idea 05.07.2016Good morning lovely ladies!

With the lovely warm weather it being the festival season, we thought what wardrobe is complete without shorts..

Shorts are so versatile and can be worn pretty much all year round depending on what they are worn with. F example, in the wonderful summer time when you are out at a festival or chillaxing  at a bbq shorts can be worn with a lovely vest or tee paired with some flip flops or sandals, they can even be worn with pumps and trainers.
Most people think that shirts are for summer only – wrong! The great thing about shorts is that paired with a funky pair of tights they can be worn even when it is cold an raining!!

This week’s outfit is made up of a pair of our funky elephant print shorts and one of our beautiful flower embroidery vest tops.

 This outfit would look great having fun and relaxing at your favourite festival or even out with friends of an evening.  This outfit is a very comfortable outfit and suits everyone!

The cost for this beautiful outfit is £21.98
SKU: STH128 No.06 – Purple Thai Ladies Elephant Print Hippy Boho Rayon Shorts – £7.99
SKU: FX642 No.14 – Flower Embroidery Hippy Festival Vest Top- £13.99

These fantastic hippy style Elephant print shorts are made from a lovely and soft rayon material. The rayon fabric is lightweight which means that in the hot weather they are lovely and cool. Each pair of these shorts have an elasticated waistband along with a back pocket.
Handmade in Thailand.

Our beautiful flower embroidery vest tops are made from a soft and stretch cotton. Each top has been lovingly handmade in Nepal and boast a very pretty flower on the front. The back of each vest top is plain and the colour matches the main colour on the front (example, the back of the vest in the picture shown above would be turquoise).

It really does go without saying, women like to accessorise so here are some suggestions for you;

The costs for these bags are as belowBags 05.07.2016;
SKU: N10 No.02 – Brown with Blue Soft Feel Striped Cotton Bag – £12.49
SKU: SB No.22 – Red/Orange Small Cotton Shoulder Bag with Short Strap – £7..99

Our  Small Cotton Shoulder Bag with Short Strap are just great if you are don’t need to carry much with you.  Each bag has 1 inside compartment. The main compartment zips closed and also ties closed for that little bit of extra security. Made from 100% cotton handmade in India.

If you are looking for a bag a little bigger that you can fit more in then our soft feel  striped cotton bag is just perfect. Each bag has a fair sized inside pocket which zips closed. The main compartment of the bag zips closed with a wooden bead. The great thing about this bag is that it also has a handy compartment on the front which zips closed.

Hippy Hats

The cost for these hats are as below
SKU: FXTH012 No.06 – Bright Thai Cotton Multicoloured Patchwork Hippy Festival Rimmed Hat – £11.49
SKU: FX185 No.02 –  Multicoloured Embroidery Hippy Hat – £10.49

Our bright Thai Multicoloured hats are wonderful accessory to brighten any outfit. made in Thailand from 100% cotton these hats have a rounded rim on them rather like an inner tube on a tyre.

Our funky embroidery hats are also made n Thailand from 100% cotton. Like the rimmed hat, each of these floppy hats are made from patchwork cotton material however these hats have had lovely flowers embroidered onto them. The rim of the hat also has a funky ripped look effect which is very popular and featured on many styles of our clothing.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.