Ok, so it may be raining gents but that is after all the British summertime for you.Male Outfit 30.06.2016

It may be wet but it is still warm so here is an outfit idea to keep you nice and cool!

This funky outfit is made up of a pair of our fantastic pairs of black baggy cotton trousers  and one of our super oh so popular Thai short sleeve cotton hippy shirts. The fab outfit is modelled by none other than our very own head hippy!

This outfit would  keep you looking and feeling cool anywhere  – gig, dinner or just chilling out.

The cost for this outfit is £31.98
SKU: 9091  – Black Cotton Trousers with Elastic Waist – £18.99
SKU: TT No.52 – Green Thai Short Sleeve Cotton Hippy Shirt – £12.99

These super comfy baggy trousers are just great for letting the air get around (gents you know where I am referring to) and keep you nice and cool. Each pair of trousers are handmade and dyed in Thailand. These soft trousers have an elasticated waist and drawstrings. The elasticated waist is great for allowing varying sizes. The ankles are also elasticated for extra comfort. There is also a front pocket that closes with a coconut button.

Our bright Thai short sleeve shirts are  made from 100% great quality soft cotton. These shirts are only available in one size and are made to be worn loose and baggy so are fairly large and each shirt has 2 pockets. The Thai design on these shirts are bold and bright making the wearier stand out.

We showed you some bags last week that we like however this week we thought that we would show you some hats that we thought would go with this outfit.

Hats 30.06.2016

The costs for the hats are as follows
SKU: FXTH083 No.08 – Black and White Thai Cotton Rimmed Festival Hat – £11.49
SKU: FXTH180 No.02 – Blue Thai Gheri Cotton Floppy Festival Hat – £10.49

These fantastic hats are made in Thailand from a Gheri style cotton material and are have a black cotton lining.
The rimmed hats have a rounded rim on them not unlike the inner tube of a bicycle.
The floppy hats have a floppy style rim to help keep the sun from your face and out of your eyes.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.