Male Hippy Outfit Idea

Morning gents!

We thought that as well as helping you look cool this summer we thought that we would try to help you stay cool!

This summer so far has been an odd one – not too much sun but it has been warm and muggy. Even though it has not been overly sunny it is still important to keep yourself cool and protected in the heat..

The outfit that we have chosen this week is a lovely and airy pair of Bares Cotton Striped Grandad trousers and a fabulously funky tie dye t-shirt.

The cost for this great outfit is £23.98
SKU: 9675 No.19 – Purple, Red and Green Bares Striped Cotton Trousers – £9.99
SKU: TH041 No.31 – Purple Multicoloured Short Sleeve Tie Dye T-Shirt – £13.99

The bares cotton striped granddad trousers have been handmade in Nepal, are 100% cotton and are made from the same lightweight and airy material as our Bares Grandad shirts.
Each pair of trousers comes with four pockets (yes four!) which are 2 regular pockets and 2 outside pockets (one on each leg) which close with a flap and a button. They have an elasticated waist and are available in many sizes and colours.

Now, when we say grandad trousers, we are not saying that they are for granddads 🙂 we call them grandad trousers as they are the same style as our grandad shirts which are named so because of the collar. These great trousers are suitable for everyone whether you are a granddad or not 🙂

Our wonderfully bright and bold tie-dye t-shirts make one hell of a statement! These t-shirts are made from 100% soft and stretchy cotton. The short sleeves make them perfect for the warmer weather.  Each tie dye top is handmade in Thailand and as they are handmade, every single t-shirt is unique. You will not find another one the same!
These shirts really will make you stand out in a crowd and make your friends wish that they had one.

 Last week to keep you warm in the evenings we showed you some jackets so this week we thought that we would show you some of our lovely poncho’s.

Hippy Ponchos

The cost for these ponchos are as below;
SKU: FX465 No.57 – Light Blue Nepalese Unisex Hippy Poncho –  £29.99
SKU: FX470 No.11 – Soft feel Patterned Acrylic Wool Hippy Poncho  – £22.99

The lovely and snuggley light blue poncho is one of our thick weave cotton ponchos what means that they are nice and weighty. Each poncho has a nice big hood and a front kangaroo pocket. They also have wooden toggles leading from the chest to the neck which allows you to let in a little more air to the front should you chose. You can let the poncho hang free or, using the hidden ties on the side, you can tie the poncho under the arms for a little more security.  Once size fits most!

Our soft and cozy soft peel patterned ponchos are a lot more lightweight than the thick weave poncho however don’t be fooled, just because these ponchos are light it does not mean that they are not warm – they really are! They will keep you nice and snug on the cold evenings. These acrylic wool ponchos have a hood and one wooden button at the neck line. The bottom of the ponchos have twisted tassels and also has a kangaroo pocket at the front.

And then there were hats……. There are always hats. Hats are a staple part of any hippies wardrobe as they look good and serve a very useful purpose of keeping the heat off of your heat and shading the sun from your face! Awesome and practical – what more can you ask for in an accessory..

Hippy Hats

The costs for these hats are as below;
SKU: FXTH012 No.15 – Bright Thai Cotton Multicoloured Patchwork Hippy Festival Rimmed Hat – £11.49
SKU: FXTH180 No.06- Thai Geri Cotton Hippy Festival Floppy Hat – £ 10.49
SKU FXTH083 No.29 – Thai Cotton Hippy Festival Rimmed Hat – £14.49

The Thai cotton rimmed hats both the bright and the not so bright are fantastic cotton hats which have been handmade in Thailand (I bet the work Thai gives it away huh!). Each hat is made with a funky pattern and lined inside with a black cotton. Each of these hats has a rounded rim.

Our floppy hats are made from the same material as the Gheri rimmed hats however instead of having a rim on them they are nice and floppy helping to keep the sun from your face as well as your head.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.