Gents Outfit 20.07.2016

Well, who knew, the sun is still shining and the weather is wonderful. It looks as though we may still get a summer yet!
So, what does this mean? it means, its time to get those legs out gents and time to keep cool and well protected.

The outfit that we have gone for this week is something to help you stay nice and cool.
We have chosen a cool and airy pair of Burgundy Thai Hippy Shorts and one of our awesome patchwork grandad shirts.

The cost for this great outfit is £21.98
SKU: STH114 No.07 – Burgundy Thai Elephant Print Hippy Shorts – £7.99
SKU: FX329 L No.10 – Multicoloured Cotton Patchwork Hippy Grandad Shirt – £13.99

The lightweight Elephant print trousers are great long hippy style shorts and are made from a lovely and soft Rayon material. Each pair of shorts features wonderful elephant print patterns, has an elasticated waist and a handy back pocket. Handmade in Thailand.

Our funky patchwork grandad shirts are made from multicoloured cotton patches that are printed with hippy style patterns. These collarless shirts have 2 side pockets and 1 breast pocket all of which make for handy storage.
Now I can image you wondering why I have chosen a long sleeved shirt when I have spoken about keeping cool. Sometimes what you thing may keep you cool actually makes you hotter and vice versa. These shirts are nice and lightweight which will help the air circulate. The sleeves on this short are easily rolled up if you wish to expose your arms.

Last week we showed you a few ponchos to help keep you warm however this week we don’t really think they are needed so this week we will just stick with hats..

Hippy Hats

The costs for these hats are as below;

SKU: FXTH012 No.15 – Bright Thai Cotton Multicoloured Patchwork Hippy Festival Rimmed Hat – £11.49
SKU: FXTH180 No.06- Thai Geri Cotton Hippy Festival Floppy Hat – £ 10.49
SKU FXTH083 No.29 – Thai Cotton Hippy Festival Rimmed Hat – £14.49

The Thai cotton rimmed hats both the bright and the not so bright are fantastic cotton hats which have been handmade in Thailand (I bet the work Thai gives it away huh!). Each hat is made with a funky pattern and lined inside with a black cotton. Each of these hats has a rounded rim.

Our floppy hats are made from the same material as the Gheri rimmed hats however instead of having a rim on them they are nice and floppy helping to keep the sun from your face as well as your head.

If you are out and about in the sun, please stay safe folks.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.