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Hippy Clothing UK Music Recommendations week 11

Hello music lovers we hope you have had a great week.  It’s starting to get cold outside and so we have started getting in our winter warmer collection of hippy clothing, lets also look at some great music to help keep you warm through the winter months.  This week we are taking a look at unplugged and acoustic sets.  Some times musicians you might not normally look at do an acoustic set your find yourself tapping along and enjoying the music, give these ones a try and see what you think.

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Unplugged, Grunge
Nirvana, Come As You Are, MTV unplugged, 1994
This in general is a great album and one that has been sitting in my collection for a long time.
Nirvana were one of the most influential bands of the 90’s and the death of lead singer Kurt Cobain
was felt through the whole music industry.
Turning the bands heavy grunge songs into acoustic masterpieces was a grand idea.
To have been at this performance would have been a magical thing to behold.
I had to go with this song as it’s so well known and such a contrast to the original version.
Note a young Dave Grohl on the drums.

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Unplugged, Irish Rock
The Cranberries, Free to Decide, MTV Unplugged, 1995
The Cranberries are an Irish Rock band, although the band still performs today
they were at their peak in the late 90’s and if truth be told her voice is going a little off nowadays.
However this song was recorded back when they still sound amazing live.
If you like acoustic music with a nice Irish accent coming through then take a look. 
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Unplugged, Nu Metal

Korn, Freak on a Leash (ft. Amy Lee), MTV Unplugged 2007
Korn are probably one of the most successful Nu Metal bands
numbering many albums and many hits over their 23 year career.
Before Korn Nu Metal didn’t really exist, these guys help change the way metal music was played.
This team up with Amy Lee from Evanescence works well and showcases the
song writing ability of the guys in Korn

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Unledded, Rock
Page and Plant, That’s The Way, No Quarter, 1994
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant got back together in 1994 to make this live album.
This was not considered a Led Zeppelin reunion as not all band members were there.
However the voice of Robert Plant and the guitar of Jimmy Page just sound amazing.
There are some classic songs that have been reworked including some
Middle-Eastern and Moroccan-influenced songs.
I have this album but never really paid attention to it,
this is a massive mistake on my behalf as after listening to this album this morning  I’m regretting not picking it up sooner.

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Unplugged, Indie Rock
Florence and the Machine, No Light, No Light, MTV Unplugged 2012
Florence and the Machine have made a name for themselves over the past few years.
Lead singer Florence Welch has an outstanding voice and song writing skills.
Her voice sounds fantastic live, we have the pleasure of seeing her a few years back at Reading Festival,
she put on a cracking show got soaked is it poured it down.

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Acoustic, Rock

Foo Fighters, Everlong (solo version), Greatest Hits, 1997
After Kurt Cobain died the drummer of Nirvana went on to form a band that would become
one of the biggest rock bands of the decade.  Dave Grohl formed the band as a one man project back in 1994.
After the release of his first album he decided to recruit other members for the band.
His clever song writing and vocal arrangements have catapulted the Foo Fighters to the top of the rock charts many times over.
Nirvana fans will always be dedicated to Kurt but Dave is something special.

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Acoustic, Folk
Paul Simon, Homeward Bound, live on the Michael Parkinson show, 1975
I couldn’t live the acoustic page empty of some classic acoustic folk music.
Paul Simon has been a stable of the folk scene since the 1960’s.
His voice was amazing and he has a real talent for acoustic classic guitar playing.
This is a lovely song and have always loved it.

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Please note all music videos posted are show as recommendations of great music that I have grown up with and think other people will appreciate, please show your support for these bands by purchasing their music, music can only ever grow if we show our support