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Hippy Clothing UK Music Recommendations week 5

Hello guys
Thanks for coming back to have a look at this weeks music recommendations.

So this week we are bringing you some legends of the music world, these guys have been producing music for many years and have heavily influenced many other bands and writers.

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Pink Floyd, Breath (in the air), from the Album The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973
Probably one of the most iconic bands of the 20th Century.
The band originally produced some very psychedelic music in the 1960’s with lead singer, guitarist, song writer and founder Syd Barrett.
Barrett’s innovative guitar work and exploration of experimental techniques such as dissonance, distortion and feedback influenced many musicians.
Unfortunately Barrett left the band in the late 60’s, this was put down to mental illness which may have been caused by the large quantities of LCD he used to take.
With David Gilmore and Roger Waters at the helm the band moved into producing some truly inspirational music.
Dark side of the Moon is perhaps one of the most well known album covers but not everyone has heard the music.  We have chosen one song from the album
but strongly recommend buying the whole album and starting it from the beginning.
Rumour has it if you start the album playing on the 3rd lion roar at the start of the original wizard of oz movie it fits quite well, we tired it and thought it worked well.

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Joni Mitchell, Carey, from the album Blue, 1971
Roberta Joan “Joni” Mitchell is a Canadian singer-songwriter and painter.
Mitchell’s work is highly respected by critics, and she has deeply influenced fellow musicians in a diverse range of genres.
Joni’s ability to write beautiful lyrics coupled with her lovely voice and guitar playing have made her one of the best folk singers alive.
Today, Blue is generally regarded by music critics as one of the greatest albums of all time; Mitchell’s songwriting and compositions are frequent areas of praise.

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Led Zeppelin, Immigrant Song,  from Led Zeppelin III, 1970
Well I’m hoping that many people won’t need me to introduce this band but this music recommendation page is for people from all walks of life.
Led Zeppelin are legends in the rock music world.  Stairway to Heaven is probably their most famous song but there are so many that get missed.
We love the Immigrant song as it has power and funk.  Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham are masters of music.
If you have never hear the 3rd album from Led Zeppelin then get a copy now and turn up the volume.

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Space Rock – Progressive Rock- Psychedelic Rock
Ozric Tentacles, White Rhino Tea, Strangeitude 1991
Ozric Tentacles formed at the Stonehenge Free Festival in 1983. The band were originally from Somerset, England, the band has released 26 albums as of 2015, and became a cottage industry selling over a million albums worldwide despite never having major label backing. Throughout many line-up changes over the years, guitarist Ed Wynne has remained the only original member of the band.
The music of Ozric Tentacles is a mixture of driving basslines, keyboard and intricate guitar work, with a sound influenced by Steve Hillage and Gong (we will be introducing these next week). Many of the Ozrics’ songs incorporate unusual time signatures and/or Eastern-influenced modes.

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Van Morrison, Astral Weeks, from Astral Weeks, 1968
Van the Man Morrison is a Northern Irish singer, songwriter and musician. And considered by many as a legend.
With a career dated by to the 1960’s Van Morrison still draws crowds today.
This song was taken from the 2nd studio album and although at the time didn’t score highly with critics or consumers has now become one of rocks greatest albums.
Most people know Van Morrison for the hit Brown Eyed Girl but the man has so much more to offer with his mix of folk, blues, jazz and classical sounds.

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Chill Out
José González, Heartbeats, of the album Veneer 2003
This is a beautiful piece of music from the Swedish singer-songwriter.
Specialising in Indie folk music José uses a blend of mellow acoustic guitar and his melodic voice to create
music that take you to a whole new world.
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Daft Punk, Rollin’ and Scratchin’, Homework 1997
The kings of French Techno and House Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.
After being part of a rock band in the early 90’s the band was disbanded and using the name taken from a not too glowing review
they became the due known as Daft Punk. The first album was a tribute to their house roots, which they strayed from in their follow up.
Their other albums have jump back and fourth between house, techno and some more mainstream dance.
Wanting to create great music and remain anonymous they created robot masks that have hidden their identity from the prying eyes of the media and public,
becoming an iconic image in today’s dance music scene.

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Radiohead, Thinking About You, Pablo Honey 1993
This song is taken from their debut album and is a beautiful song.
Thom Yorke song writing abilities are right up there with the greats, not only is he the principal song writer for Radiohead but he is also a multi instrumentalist predominantly playing the guitar and piano but also playing bass, drums and keyboards as well as synthesisers.
Who are Radiohead? Radiohead are an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, formed in 1985.
If you have never heard any of their earlier music or never heard of them before then have a listen and see what you think.

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Please note all music videos posted are show as recommendations of great music that I have grown up with and think other people will appreciate, please show your support for these bands by purchasing their music, music can only ever grow if we show our support