Affordable Hippy Clothing

Affordable Hippy Clothing - Modern Hippy Clothing
Simon & Nici

Hippie clothing does not have to be expensive to look great. Fact!!! Here at Mystical Mayhem we strongly believe that whatever your style, hippy, boho, beatnik, alternative or however you style yourself, you shouldn’t have to pay the earth just to look like you! There is nothing worse than finding something you love and then not being able to buy it as you have to sell a kidney to be able to afford it. This is exact reason that you will find our prices very reasonable and competitive. I mean we can’t be living with the guilt that there are lots of you guys out there wearing great clothing but walking around with only one kidney 😉

Fair Trade

We of course have to ensure that we do make a small profit from our clothing. However, we do want to give you guys the best prices that we can. Not only can we offer you affordable hippy clothing but, it is excellent quality too. It has been made with quality materials and made exceptionally well. This means that everything has been made to last. You will be able to wear your clothing for years to come.

You will find that we are also great supporters of fair trade. We want to ensure that the folk making your clothing in India, Nepal & Thailand etc are getting a fair deal for doing such a fantastic job.. If the producers are happy because they are treated well this is reflected in the quality. Great quality makes our customers and happy customers makes us happy! We take our customers happiness very seriously. When everyone is happy life is good!


Another reason that we can offer great prices are our overheads. As we are online only and a family run business it means that we can keep our costs down. This in turn reflects in the prices that we offer you. We do not have a physical shop which means we don’t have huge rates to pay and staff wages etc. Don’t get me wrong we do have bills to pay but, we try to make them as little as possible so that we can give you the best that we can.

We truly do know what it is like only being able to find expensive clothing wherever you look. It is in fact one of the reasons that Mystical Mayhem was born.
Every shop that we used to buy from seemed to get more and more expensive as the years went on (more so than they should have for sure) and to be honest as the prices grew, the quality got worse. This is not something that you will see from us. Sometimes our prices may rise but this will not be without good cause. If our producers have to charge us more say due to the price of cotton increasing then we of course would have to reflect this in our prices. We would however try to do it so that it had as little impact on you guys as possible.

Unique Items

We have such great products that really are affordable. Take for example our unique tie dye items, all handmade and all hand dyed yet very good prices for the amazing work and quality.
It is not just our tie dye items but all of them that have been made well and with love 🙂
We do have some more expensive items but this cannot always be avoided. They cost a little more due to the time and effort made to make some of the unique pieces of hippy clothing that we have. As nearly all of our stock is handmade this sometimes has to reflect in the prices due to the complexity of the items.

As hippies we all end to love the unique items as it is always great to wear something truly different, something that no one else has. Heck you can even add a little uniqueness yourself by adding your own adornments. Bells to your favourite long sleeve blouse or, badges to your favourite jacket perhaps. You can add what you like.

We are constantly trying to source new and interesting affordable hippy clothing for you so will keep you posted. Watch this space….

Lots of love, Mr and Mrs Mystical Mayhem x