Hippy Ponchos

Pack Your Poncho


As the hippie saying goes ‘everything’s perfect in a poncho’. Ok, so we may have just created this saying but I think it fits well. It may not be perfect but personal opinion is that wearing a poncho makes things a damn sight better! Get ready guys and pack your poncho!

Ponchos are perfect for both men and women and even kids for that matter. They come in so many funky colours and styles, you will be hard to find just one that you like. You don’t need to be a hippy to throw on a poncho absolutely anyone and everyone can wear them. They love everyone as much as everyone loves them!


Poncho’s are not just about keeping warm at a festival or looking super cool.  A poncho says that you are comfortable with the way you dress. They also provide a shelter from the world in the form of a big wearable blanket that you can wrap yourself up in. Sounds wonderful right?! What’s not to like?!
Here are some ideas of when to pack your poncho.

Ponchos at Festivals

Pack Your Poncho - Male cotton Poncho, Hippy Poncho

For many years now, ponchos have been a big part of festival fashion. I’m not talking about those lovely plastic waterproof ones although, they are very handy in an emergency.  No sirree,  I’m talking about nice big blanket sizes ponchos that are great for wrapping yourself up in. Great for when it gets a bit cold at night.   After a day of dancing, it will be a bit of a shock come the evening. The sun goes down and they chill moves in. You will need extra hippie clothing layers.

Ponchos stand out as a good choice  when it comes to finding warmth and snugness of an evening.  The majority of our poncho’s have hoods and so that of course helps to keep the cool air from your neck and your head. Although made in Nepal I would say they are heavily inspired by the South American ponchos, that are perfect at providing a warm and cosy place to hide. Pack your poncho and head off to your favourite festival. Just remember to tell your friends where you got it from as they will all want one when they see yours..

Ponchos as Blankets

We have found that ponchos are so versatile and that they can be used for more than just wearing.  They are often used as blankets too.
People use them to lay on the ground as picnic blankets as they provide a nice comfy area to sit on.  Of course if you intend to wear the poncho after I probably wouldn’t throw it on the ground on a muddy field and still hope to retrieve it all nice and clean.  We were picturing a nice summers day and laying the poncho on a nice dry patch of grass.  So perfect to use as a picnic blanket for all those nice dry festivals you will attend this year.

Not only can they be used as a picnic blanket but, they can also be opened out and lain over your lap. You can even share with friends if you feel so inclined, they are plenty big and warm enough.

Ponchos for Camping

I guess this is also covered under the old ‘ponchos at festivals’ bit but we get so many people contacting us about purchasing for when they go camping I couldn’t just let this slip. The most common asked question is ‘are they warm enough for camping?’.  There are several ways to answer this question. Of course if you only plan on wearing the poncho and I mean just the poncho in the middle of winter while sitting at the top of a mountain in the highlands then you’ll probably catch hypothermia.

However worn over other clothing (highly recommended) our ponchos do provide a nice layer of warmth.  Our thick weave cotton ponchos are heavy and a fair bit longer than our acrylic versions and so provide more to wrap yourself up in. All in all a poncho is well recommended for when you go camping.

Poncho Materials

Pack Your Poncho - Acrylic Poncho

We offer 2 different types of material here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. We have thick weave cotton and acrylic. Both are wonderfully warm but very different.
Our thick weave cotton is a nice and heavy material, weighing in just over 1kg a piece. They are long too which means they cover more of your body. I would say that they are our warmest poncho’s. More heavy duty and probably our most popular.

Acrylic is the other material used. Oh so soft and snuggly, they are made using the same acrylic blend as our blankets. Say’s it all really. Due to the material they are very lightweight. This does not mean that they are not warm however, they are wonderful. They are great for wearing around the house ( I have so many for this I have lost count) and perfect for wearing around a campfire. The acrylic blend has great thermal properties to help keep you warm.

If you don’t already have a hippy poncho then its fair to say you need one. They are essential part of your life kit and are perfect for everything. They look great, are comfortable and can be worn by everyone! Pack your poncho and take it everywhere, you never know when it might come in handy. We even have spares stored away in the car.