Why Choose Patchwork Clothing?Patchwork clothing has been a staple of hippy clothing and the hippie culture for many many years. We love the idea of mending holes in old clothing and turning something ready for the trash into something that you treasure. This is not however a new thought. Buying clothing used to be an absolute luxury. If you wanted new clothes you would have to either make your own or amend what you already had.

Mending clothes used to be where the patchwork clothing came in. These days though, the reasoning behind most patchwork clothing is style.  And why not, it looks amazing!


Patchwork clothing isn’t just about looking great, it also serves a purpose. The purpose of recycling which us hippie folk are big advocates of. During the manufacturing of our clothing, not every inch of the material is used. This in turn creates off cuts which in most cases end up on the floor and are swept away.  Not but our producers though! To cut down on the amount of material being lost to off cuts they came up with a marvellous idea.  Why not use them to make beautiful pieces of patchwork clothing?! Why not indeed!

How Does it Work?Patchwork Clothing - Straight Leg Patchwork Trousers

The off cuts are cut into square patches of the same size. From there they then are sewn together to form a big ole colourful sheet of fabric. This sheet is the used to make the funky patchwork clothing that has become so well loved within the hippy scene. Usually they tend to keep the same materials together e.g cotton with cotton etc. Sometimes they do mix but it all depends on what they are making. Saving on waste means that the producers are able to make back money that would have been otherwise lost. Not to mention the fact that we get amazing clothing that looks great and is unique every single time.

Of course not all pieces are big enough to be cut into squares. The wonderful producers then came up with another idea. Use the smaller pieces to make some super interesting items such as our ripped look embroidery jackets. These jackets are a great use of the pieces that are too small to be made into a sheet of patchwork cloth.  This unique way of using pieces of material that would otherwise be thrown away has turned scrappy pieces of material into fantastic items of hippy clothing.

What Patchwork Clothes are there?

Another of the joys of patchwork clothing is that there are so many options. There is no item that cannot be made.  There should of course be some exceptions – patchwork undies may be a little odd if I am honest, but hey, each to their own 😉

Patchwork Clothing - Patchwork JacketsThe amount of patchwork clothing out there for our customers is almost never ending.  The Patchwork movement has never been bigger. It looks great, our collections are comfortable to wear to boot!  People are always after unique items of clothing as it’s never nice to bump into someone wearing the same outfit as you.  With patchwork clothing you are guaranteed to always be unique. Sure there may be people wearing something similar but, how great is it knowing that no-one have the same as you..

Our patch collection is one of our most popular. Loved by the ladies and the gents. We have some great options for kids too.
We like to make sure that we have you covered all year round. From summer vests to wintry fleece lined trousers we’ve got our back and everywhere else. Shirts, waistcoats and even hats. You name it and we most likely have it. And if we don’t have what you are looking for then just let us know – we will see what we can do.

We like for our producers to use of skills when making the clothing which is why you will find that none of it is plain or boring. We incorporate lots of different things to make great hippy clothing. Printed patterns, embroidery, sequins, ribbons and a whole host of other magical things. We like to mix it up and keep you up to date with the funkiest pieces that we can find.