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Hippy Clothing UK – Perfectly Patchwork

Patchwork clothing has been the staple of hippy clothing and the festival scene for many years. The idea of mending holes in old clothing and turning something ready for the trasHippy Patchwork Grandad Shirth into something you treasure is not a new thought, however patchwork clothing has changed and now the reason behind most patchwork clothing is style.  The hippie movement of the 1960’s changed the way people viewed many things and clothing was one of them, the problem is that with our fast paced lifestyles and being part of the smart phone generation we no longer look to making or even mending our own clothing so the production of patchwork clothing has fallen to clothing producers instead of at home seamstresses.

Patchwork CrazyPatchwork Hippy Hoodie



Patchwork clothing isn’t just about looking great, it also serves a purpose.

During the manufacturing of clothing not every inch of the material is used, this creates off cuts which in most cases end up on the floor and swept away.  To cut down on the amount of material being lost to off cuts the producers came up with a novel idea.  Why not use them to make beautiful pieces of patchwork clothing.

So how does this work?
All the off cuts are cut into square patches the same size as each other, from there they are sewn together to form a big sheet of fabric. This sheet is them used to make the great looking funky patchwork trousers, shirts and skirts that have become so well loved within the hippy festival scene.  Saving on waste means that the producers are able to make back money that would have been otherwise lost and we get clothing that looks great and is unique every time.

Of course not all pieces of off cut material are big enough to be cut into squares so the producers came up with yet another idea, which was to use the smaller pieces to make interesting and unique items of clothing just like the female jacket pictured, this uses pieces of off cut material that are too small to be made into a sheet of patchwork cloth but instead can be used to make smaller patchwork pieces of the jacket.  This unique way of using pieces of material that would otherwise be thrown away has turned scrappy pieces of material into fantastic items of clothing.

What patchwork clothes are there?
The amount of patchwork clothing out there for our customers is almost never ending.  From trousers to skirts and jackets to shirts the patchwork movement has never been bigger.  People are always after unique items of clothing as it’s never nice to bump into someone wearing the same outfit as you.  With patchwork clothing you are guaranteed to always be unique.



We sell a wide range of patchwork trousers, skirts, shirts, jackets, hoodies and blouse tops that incorporate different aspects of patchwork.
Our range of patchwork festival clothing is one of best sellers as people love to look different.


People love the mix of colours and patterns that come from patchwork clothing.
So what ever your patchwork needs you can be sure that Mystical Mayhem have got you covered.