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Hippy Clothing UK – Putting the Hippy in Hippy Clothing

Mystical Mayhem Clothing have been putting the Hippy into Hippy Clothing since 2010 and we have no plans of stopping any time soon.

Simon and Nici Mr & Mrs Mystical Mayhem Clothing
Simon and Nici Mr & Mrs Mystical Mayhem Clothing

For the past 6 years Mystical Mayhem Clothing has prided itself in giving our customers some great choices when it comes to hippy clothing.

Why do we put the hippy in hippy clothing?

As the owner of Mystical Mayhem and a fellow hippy it has always been my aim to give you guys and girls the best in handmade and unique clothing.  I started out trying to get this style of clothing better represented for like minded people in the UK.  From there things have moved ever forward, our clothing lines are always changing and adapting to new ideas we have and suggestions from customers.  We design some of our own clothes as well as stocking clothing lines that are staples of the modern hippy and festival scene here in the UK.

Crazy Hippy Simon

We have a long list of things that we have been asked for including new styles, old styles and more sizes.  We do listen to our customers and believe me we would love to take all your ideas and run with them but that just ins’t possible.  We will take the best ideas we have been presented with and run with them and as always hope to provide our customers with clothing they can be proud of.

With 3 main suppliers and from that many clothing producers we have a wide range of clothing that we search through and help design.  We are never idle and spend much of our time working out what we think would work well with our current clothing lines.  It’s really not as simple as have something to sell so selling it, there is so much more that we do behind the scenes to keep you guys in good clothes but we love every minute of it as we live and breath this clothing.  At this point you’ll probably be thinking we are a little nuts, you’d probably be right but we’re happy nuts 😉

At the end of 2015 my wife came on board and started working full time with me so we could continue to offer the service and range of clothes our customers have become accustomed to.  This has been a big turning point in Crazy Hippy Nicithe business as it has given me a lot more time to run the behind the scenes part of the business while my wife has become really hands on with dealing with customers, which is part of the business she really loves.
Talking with our customers has always been a big part of what I have done and I have always said that would not change.  Many of our regular customers phone up to talk about products, ideas and just to find out how we are doing. I have always loved this family style atmosphere that seems to surround this kind of clothing.

As the British summer time marches on we are working hard to make sure you have your clothes in time for your favourite festivals. With a few of the big ones already out the way there are still many more to come in the coming months and we know you lot love to dress in our funky clothing through the summer months.

Don’t you worry though we will continue to make sure we have a nice selection of hippy clothing for you when the nights turn longer and the chill hits the air.

Running Mystical Mayhem has always been a full time job for us but we do it because we love it (ok and it pays the bills).

We will continue to put the hippy in hippy clothing for many years to come so keep your eyes peeled for more great clothing coming soon.

Love, peace and happiness
Simon & Nici