Dreadlocks and How to Care For Them

Hippy DreadlocksHippy’s – How to Care for your Dreads
So, firstly, congrats on your dreads and being able to pull them off! Now that you have your  hippy dreads you of course want to know the best way to care for them.
There are so many myths,  rumours and so, so many different websites telling you a million different ways to look after your hair.  Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing have investigated a little and found what we think to be the best and easiest way to look after your fabby dreads.

So let’s just start with the most common myth about dreads shall we – you no doubt will have heard that you cannot wash dreadlocks and that they stink – well let me just clear this up – of course if you don’t wash your dreads they will stink. Much like anything,  if left un cleaned will go skanky and smell. There is absolutely no reason that you should not wash your dreads. You just need to wash them with care.

Washing your dreadlocks

The main reason that you may have heard that washing your dreads is a bad thing is perhaps down to the shampoo. We would recommend that you wash your dreads with some natural shampoos. so that you don’t get the same residue from normal shampoo as it is harder to remove from dreads. Such shampoos especially for dreads can be found online and are worth investing in.Dreadlocks-women

Now, there are 2 different way in which to wash your dreads that seem to be most common
1) Concentrate on your scalp only – if you give your scalp a good wash with dread shampoo then this is great stimulation for your roots. When you then rinse your hair, the shampoo and water should be enough to cleanse your dreadlocks.
2) Wash the whole lot – but gently and carefully . No crazy vigorous rubbing.

You can wash your dreads as often as you like – the cleaner the better as oils and dirt prevents your dreads from clumping as they should and is also a great cause for a very itchy scalp…

Drying your dreadlocks

That wet dog/skanky damp towel smell that people complain about is not due to dirty hair, it’s down to hair that has not dried properly. You all know the smell that I am talking about – you know the one where you leave the washing in the machine a little too long and when you then dry them they have that ikky smell to them…..
Once you have washed your hair the best way to dry it would be to blot it dry with a towel and then get your hair dryer on it and give it a nice blow dry on a medium heat.
Before you blow dry your hair though, check out below for some basic maintenance

Basic maintenance – preventing those irritating lumps, bumps and loose hairs

The most basic and effective maintenance used on dreads of all stages and ages is palm rolling. Palm rolling is the very simple method of rolling each dread back and forth between your palms from the start of the dread to the tip.
Not only can palm rolling help to tighten your dreads but it does exactly what it says above – it prevents loose hairs and on the occasions that you do have them  , it can help integrate them back into the dreads. Palm rolling also helps to straighten out and lumps and bumps before they get too bad that you have to comb or worse case cut them out.
If you want your hippy dreadlocks to stay in great shape then it is imperative that you make sure to take good care of them. We have all seen those people who after  while start to neglect theirs and end up with a big stinky matted mess that eventually need to be cut out…..

So my hippy friends, that, in a nutshell is how to care for your dreads. Grab your hippie clothing and get going to your favourite festival.