Hippy Dresses – We Love You!

Long-Hippy-Dresses-2We go nuts for hippy dresses here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing – well I do because I wear them but Sy, perhaps not so much. Don’t get me wrong he likes them but just doesn’t wear them as often as I do 😉

When people think of hippies they often think of women first and foremost. When that image of a hippy chick comes into their heads, what are they usually wearing? More often than not it is a beautiful long and flowing dress. Bright in colour and bold in pattern,  what’s not to love!
The freedom of wearing a dress is amazing and then when you can find one that is comfortable. Ours are funky and pretty too so what more can you ask for?! Oh yes, wonderful quality and great prices!

Perfect for summer however, our hippy dresses can be worn all year round. Rain or shine you can dress them up or down to suit the weather. Sun cream and sandals for the sun and tights with a nice pair of boots for the cold. See, easy! You can also wear them for any occasion that you fancy. In addition to being smart enough for weddings and parties, they are wonderful worn anywhere. Around the garden, at BBQ’s and anywhere you want to look and feel beautiful.

Our Hippy Dresses

Boho Clothing

Boy do we have a great range here for you at Hippy HQ. We have possibly every colour that you could want, every length that you would need and a whole range of styles and designs that would keep even the fussiest hippy happy 🙂

Some of our most popular ranges of hippie dresses are our recycled sari dresses. These dresses are made from recycled sari’s meaning that they are of mixed materials including silk. The silk makes the dresses so soft and a joy to wear. Designed so that they can also be worn as skirts too depending on how you feel when you wear them.

We have quite a few skirt/dresses that can be worn as either and I love that this is an option available to us these days. Clothing is becoming so versatile and we can do so much more with one piece that we ever could. We have so many options when it comes to wearing one thing that it extends our hippy clothing collection no end. Oh the choices!

We have rather a few flowy maxi dresses that are just a must for every hippy chick’s wardrobe. As well as the ever popular maxi dress we also have some slightly different dresses when it comes to style and design. What you will find in our online store is not the same as the kind if so called hippy dresses that you will find on the high street – many of our dresses are one off unique pieces. All of our hippie clothing is handmade and when it comes to dresses that translates to almost every single piece is different from the last.

Hunt for Hippy Clothing

Cashmelon Pixie Hooded Hippy Dress-Top

Hippy clothing is what we do and so we scour high and low to find the great range of festival dresses that you see here. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting designs too so watch out for new incoming products. Where we can, we try to add new products each week and, as spring is just around the corner it is time to us to start looking for some new dresses for the festival season.  Hippie clothing is an absolute must as soon as the sun starts to shine – ah sod it, all year round is what I meant to say. Wear what you feel comfortable it!

Comfort is key and so, there are a whole range of materials that we use for our dresses. From silk, to rayon (which actually has a similar soft feel to silk) all the way through to nice warm cashmilon. We try and cover all seasons. Our cashmelon dresses for example are made from the same material as our soft feel blankets. Being made from blanket materials they are, as I am sure you can imagine, nice snuggly and warm. They have a hood too to help keep off the chill.

Back at the beginning of this article, I made mention to Sy wearing a dress and although he doesn’t usually wear dresses, we happen to have a video in which he just so happens to pop a dress on. I had forgotten that this video existed and as it makes me crack up, I just had to share it with you…