Hippy Dungarees

Hippy Dungarees are perfect when you really want to wear something relaxing yet funky.  Dungarees have been a part of fashion for a long time.  I had a pair when I was younger and loved them.  These hippy dungarees are a take on the normal dungarees I used to wear as a kid in the 80’s.  Bright colours, patchwork and embroidery all make our hippy dungarees a must have.

Dungarees are a cross between trousers and top all thrown into one great piece of clothing.  Our hippy dungarees have a bib that fastens to the main trouser part of the dungaree via straps.  Some of our dungarees strap up in the traditional manor at the front and some have a back fastening.  All our dungarees are handmade and so each and every one is nice and unique, this means our customers get their own piece of clothing that no one else will have, some designs will be similar but due to the handmade nature the finish will also have little details that are unique, this includes colour or embroidery detail.

We believe in unique handmade hippy festival clothing and source the best in this fantastic fashion so our customers have a great range to chose from.  We hope you enjoy our great looking and comfy dungarees.