Hippy Fashion

Hippy Fashion - Hippy SyWell it is called fashion, however, one thing that I love about hippy clothing is that it doesn’t follow a particular fashion “trend”. Is it wear what ever you like whenever you feel like it. It is about showing that you are comfortable who you are and what you wear.

The true ideas around hippy fashion goes back to the 1960’s. Instead of throwing away clothing and buying new, folk would jazz up old or worn clothing instead. They would dye them and make their own adjustments. Saves money and adds individuality to each piece. 

Times Change

Many hippies would buy clothing from charity shops and then alter the items to give them a more unique fun and colourful look.  Any embellishment that you could fit on there was a go. Ribbons and bells and anything else that looked good. Ripping clothing was also a well loved look. A look that is still around today and will cost you a fortune on the high street!

Of course hippy fashion has changed so much in the last 50 years.  And why wouldn’t it, everything else does!  For one thing, many people do not make or alter their own clothing any more as it’s time consuming.  That’s exactly where Mystical Mayhem Hippie Clothing comes in. We offer very unique clothing at very reasonable prices. We hate having to pay through the roof for clothing and so why would we ask you good folk to do the same?!

For me the idea of individualism has always been at the heart of who I am as a person.  I really detest it when you come across someone wearing the exact same thing as you. Baaa! This is why the clothing style and it’s uniqueness is perfect for me. All of our clothes are handmade and so most of the product lines we sell are unique to each other.  Yes some will certainly look similar but they will always be different. Don’t you just love handmade clothing..

Our Clothing

Hippy Fashion - Hemp Badge

We love selling items of clothing that have not been massed produced to all look the same. This way we hope to keep the idea of hippy fashion alive for many years to come.  Fashions may come and go but I have always strongly believed that many people want to remain unique. Being individual is an amazing thing and freeing thing. You will be surprised at how good it feels to say no to main stream. Not only are you saying no  mass produced clothing but, you are also helping out small business. These business are often family run businesses that are born out of a passion for the product. Our clothes are an outward expression of who we are. It really makes a difference..

The hippy clothes I wear tell people I’m unique, I’m different and that I like being individual.  Individuality breeds creation and new ideas which is just wonderful. Creativity is key to a healthy mind. Please don’t ever be afraid to be yourself. So what if people think you are a little odd – all the best people are! Wear your hippy clothes with pride and love the skin you are in.