presentsChristmas is nearly upon us, and whether you celebrate it or not you’re likely looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones who do mark the occasion. If your cupboards are already stocked with food for a Yuletide feast and your gifts are wrapped, stacked and under the tree, we salute you! But if you’re still looking for the perfect gifts for hippies, bohemians and the alternative folk in your life, here’s our handy and helpful guide…

Be a green warrior

The hippy folks you know probably love beautiful things from all over the world. If you can, this is the perfect time to choose Fairtrade, ethical and eco-friendly gifts, and support some of the poorest communities in the world. Wherever you see the Fairtrade symbol, you’ll know that the workers behind your ethical pressie choice have been fairly-paid, that their working conditions are decent and that they benefit from fair terms of trade. You’re also supporting the future of their communities and protecting the environment in which they live and work. And there’s another bonus. If you’re looking for Fairtrade Christmas gifts, chances are you’ll find beautiful and interesting items that have been handcrafted in far-flung destinations such as India, Nepal or Indonesia – perfect for the wandering hippies in your life!

Our recommendation: Colourful Patchwork Fairtrade 100% Cotton Harem Trousers – these beautifully comfy hippy trousers are handmade in India and come in a range of festive reds.

Go for thoughtful, not generic

You don’t have to spend a lot to find something authentic and meaningful for the hippies in your life. Whether your chosen gift is recycled, natural, or fair trade, it is likely to be so much better quality than the mass-produced, generic gifts lining the shelves this Christmas. Choose something handmade if you want a present that’s as unique as your recipient. Buy hippy clothing with ethical credentials instead of the usual Christmas hats, scarves and jumpers that are churned out in their thousands. Or opt for an eco-friendly alternative to the usual Yuletide offerings – such as candles made from natural wax, or cosy recycled hippy socks in your loved one’s favourite colours.

Our recommendation: One of our clean-burning Soya Wax Recycled Glass Jar Candles in a festive fragrance such as Vanilla Shortbread, Grapefruit & Ginger or Pomegranate & Orange.

Stocking fillers: 10 hippy gifts for under £10

  1. Vibrant Fleece Lined Wool Hippy Headbands with Draw Strings – just £6.96
  2. Bright and beautiful Long Wool Fleece Lined Nepalese Hippy Socks – just £9.99
  3. Festive, fragrant Cinnamon Incense Sticks – just £2.99
  4. Fleecy, Two-in-One Fingerless and Mitten Wool Gloves with Recycled Silk – just £8.39
  5. Funky and frugal Small Rainbow Hippy Dreamcatcher with Bright Feathers – just £2.65
  6. Cosy and colourful Fleece-Lined Wool Beanie Hippy Hats – just £7.99
  7. Gorgeous Two Prong Wooden Hippy Hair Forks – just £2.99
  8. Handmade Small Wooden Trinket Box with Sliding Lid – just £3.49
  9. Sweet and dinky Fairtrade Glittery Handmade Mosaic Mirror – just £6.99
  10. High quality, relaxing Massage and Bath Essential Oils – just £3.49