Hippy Gifts

Looking for some great hippy gifts? We can help you out. That’s right Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing now sell Fair Trade hippy gifts. Wohoo! We have taken a walk into the world of fun, funky and interesting hippy style gift ideas. We wanted to give our customers a place to come when a gift was needed but clothing just wasn’t the answer.

Hippy Gifts

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing has always been about providing our customers with the things that we like and know our customers want to see.
We started searching for Fair Trade hippy style gift ideas that we thought would really complement the clothing lines we sell.  We have come up with a new selection of hippy styled gift ideas that we think anybody would love to be given. As well as our great gift ideas, don’t forget about our selection of great festival clothing.

Hippy Gifts

Wooden Boxes

We sell a selection of wooden boxes that make great gifts.  Our selection includes wooden branch boxes as well as Indian made wooden boxes.  The branch boxes are made in Thailand from nice pieces of branch.  Each is varnished and made with a sliding lid.  The Indian boxes are hinged and are great boxes for your keepsakes or a great gift for other people. All of our wooden boxes are hand carved and unique.


We have starting to stock a wide variety of both Tibetan incense and Indian styled incense.  The Tibetan incense is made in the traditional way and not rolled onto a bamboo stick which means a larger holder is required.  The Indian style incense sticks are probably the more familiar style as they have are the more common style of incense which has a thin stick of bamboo running through them as the incense is rolled onto the stick.  We also sell a nice range of incense gift sets.  Any of our incense would make a fine gift for the hippy who loves these fantastic smells.

Massage Oil

We now stock a wide range of massage and bath oils in our gift shop.  These massage oils are made from essential oils and blended with grapeseed oil.  There really is nothing better then a nice massage after a long day of work or a nice warm bath with a couple of drops of these essential oils to help clear away the stress of the day.  Massage oils make great gift ideas for the loved one in your life as you can surprise them with a lovely massage as well.


We now offer a range of fun and funky resin and metal suncatchers.  These wonderful gift items are great for anybody who loves a bit of colour in their lives.

Musical Instruments

We have now started stocking hippy style musical instruments, these fantastic fair trade items make great gifts for the musically talented.   Our selection of Güiros are hand carved Fair Trade Hippy Giftsmusical instruments that make fantastic sounds when you use the scrape stick, we offer frog and caterpillar Güiros.  We also offer a nice range of thumb pianos which are great little instruments that you play by plucking the tines.  Much like you would a normal piano.


Dreamcatchers have always been a great gift idea.  These native American styled dream catchers come in many colours and sizes.  Just hang the dreamcatcher in the your bedroom and the good dreams filter through to you were as the bad dreams are filtered out.  Makes the perfect gift for Christmas and Birthdays.

The list above really is just a small preview of the gifts that we have to offer so why not come along and see what hippy gifts we can offer.

Our gift range will be growing along with our hippy clothing range so please keep your eyes peeled for our new hippy gift items.