Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. Here is our page dedicated only to our very very unique handmade hippy head dresses. Head dresses are a wonderful way of adding a little brightness to your day.

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Hippy Head Dresses

Hippy Head DressesThese beautiful hippy head dresses are produced by hand in a place just outside of Bury St Edmund, UK. One women spends her days coming up with new and interesting ideas to create these wonderful head dress pieces that will all go wonderfully with your hippy clothing.  All of these head dresses are made from metal wire and beautifully coloured Mulberry (paper) Flowers. At the moment we only offer one size of hippy head dress which is for adults however, we offer many different colours to choose from so that you can match it with your favourite festival clothing outfit. Hippy Head Dresses

Hippy head dresses are a great fashion accessory for festivals, music concerts, weddings or just wearing around town. It doesn’t matter the occasion as each one of these  hippy head dresses will add a splash of colour. Colour to you and your hippy clothing. We are sure you will find that these beautiful head dress will really stand out in a crowd and ensure that you are noticed. Please understand that everyone of these head dresses is handmade and so they will vary slightly to each other. We think this is a good thing as that means no two are the same and that everyone will be unique.

These head dresses are not just a piece of clothing or jewellery accessory but instead a beautiful work of art.

These should not be purchased as toys.